How to start perfume (oil) business in Nigeria

“Perfume business is capital intensive, I can’t go into it” This is response of many whenever I told them about perfume business and I was once like that until my eyes cleared about the business. It is a lucrative business that has made a lot of money for people in Nigeria, though it can be … Read more

How to become Lafarge and Dangote cement distributor in Nigeria

Cement distribution business continue to make waves in Nigeria, it is no longer a news that it is a profitable business that continues to pump money for people that go into in to it and do you know what, less people are doing the business because they see it as a dirty business, not everybody … Read more

Where to buy cheap snails and cost of snail per kg in Nigeria

Snail is now among the staple food in Nigeria thanks to it succulent and tastiness. It is better than other meat because of it low cholesterol which makes it a go to for people with diabetes, blood pressure and other heart disease but the problem now is where to buy it in Nigeria. The reason … Read more

How to start cement business in Nigeria (retail and distribution)

Cement business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria that few people know about, hardly will you see people thinking about cement business perhaps because of heavy lifting that surrounds cement business, also it is not a white color business, if you are among people that takes their cloth neatness serous, it is not … Read more

Types/ Breeds of pigs in Nigeria

Pigs farming in Nigeria has been proven times without number to be profitable, but yet many are still making loss in it and the reason is not farfetched; they house poor breeds of pigs. While there are four major commercial breeds of pig in Nigeria, most of them cannot adapt well to Nigeria environment until … Read more

Breeds/ Types of snail in Nigeria

Snail farming is a lucrative businesses that can turn farmer into millionaire, it is a money spinner venture if farmer get it right and one of the way to get it right is to house a best breed of snail that are adaptable to Nigerian environment. In Nigeria we have about 3 edible breeds of … Read more

Breeds of goat in Nigeria (local and exotic)

Goat farming is another lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria, after poultry farming it is the next in terms of profitability. I have seen numerous cases of people that started with one breeds of goat and later expand to many breeds. But what to do when farmer take the necessary step to have a high profit … Read more

How to start pig farming business in Nigeria

In agriculture business there are three major businesses that can give multiple returns on investment and pig business is part of them. It is very lucrative though many people see it as a dirty business that is far from white collar job, which is a good thing for those considering as a business because there … Read more

How to start peanut burger business in Nigeria

Peanut burger business is another untapped yet lucrative business in Nigeria; people hardly see it as lucrative ‘peanut! Are you kidding me’ this is how people react whenever I tell them about the business, well that is a good thing since there will be less competition to tackle. What is peanut burger? I’m sure you … Read more