Mini importation from China to Nigeria (Beginners guide)

It is no longer a news that mini importation is the next best money milking machine, it has been proven time without number that it is better than most of the online business out there but most don’t like to go into it perhaps because of the fear of shipping they don’t believe their goods … Read more

Livestock farming in Nigeria: It business side

Livestock farming or production in Nigeria started booming not long ago, before people rely mostly on bush meat and cow meat but now we see Nigerian venturing into different kind of livestock farming such as Goat, Poultry, Sheep and others, this is due to the gap in the supply and demand of meat. To further … Read more

How to start mushroom farming business in Nigeria

It is no longer news that agriculture is now the new gold mine in Nigeria, long live the oil. But to be sincere it is not all the agriculture business that is lucrative, some can even send you back to your village. The irony is that, the sector that is lucrative people don’t go into … Read more

Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

It is a known fact that to make it in this country you must either be in business, be an entertainer or be a politician, even if you want to opt for job there is none available or unless you know some that know someone. But while there are many business idea in Nigeria, there … Read more

How to start perfume (oil) business in Nigeria

“Perfume business is capital intensive, I can’t go into it” This is response of many whenever I told them about perfume business and I was once like that until my eyes cleared about the business. It is a lucrative business that has made a lot of money for people in Nigeria, though it can be … Read more

Where to buy cheap snails and cost of snail per kg in Nigeria

Snail is now among the staple food in Nigeria thanks to it succulent and tastiness. It is better than other meat because of it low cholesterol which makes it a go to for people with diabetes, blood pressure and other heart disease but the problem now is where to buy it in Nigeria. The reason … Read more

How to start cement business in Nigeria (retail and distribution)

Cement business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria that few people know about, hardly will you see people thinking about cement business perhaps because of heavy lifting that surrounds cement business, also it is not a white color business, if you are among people that takes their cloth neatness serous, it is not … Read more