How to start tissue paper production in Nigeria

There are many lucrative and less competitive business in Nigeria just that they are not attractive and look non lucrative from the outside, such is the case for tissue paper production business, it is not attractive or who would have thought that tissue paper which are sold at #50 to #100 can make billion for … Read more

Steps to starting frozen food business in Nigeria

Frozen food business deal with buying, storing and selling of frozen fish, chicken, turkey, and any other food that can be frozen. Like any other food business, frozen food is very profitable though many entrepreneneur don’t know about it profitability yet which is a goog thing since the lower the supply the higher the demand … Read more

How to start waste management business in Nigeria

Waste management business? As in waste? This was one of the numerous question my friends threw at me when we were discussing about profitable business in Nigeria. Mentioning the name ‘waste’ itself make some of them want to vomit, but when I analyse and give them fact and figure that show the profitabiliy of the … Read more