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How to become Lafarge and Dangote cement distributor in Nigeria

Cement distribution business continue to make waves in Nigeria, it is no longer a news that it is a profitable business that continues to pump money for people that go into in to it and do you know what, less people are doing the business because they see it as a dirty business, not everybody like dust and seeing sight of cement, well if you do congratulate yourself because you will soon be laughing to bank.

Enough of the sweet words how do I become Dangote cement distributor or Lafarge cement distributor.


Calm down we are getting there

Since there the two major brands of cement are Lafarge and Dangote this article we be about them and applies to any location you are, be it Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Osun, Edo and Delta


Before we go into the details I want you to go note the following

Dangote Company

Dangote company is the most popular brand of cement in Nigeria, hardly will you see people constructing house without using Dangote cement, thanks to its low price and quality, it was establish in 1992 and base in Obese, Ogun state

Lafarge Company

Lafarge is one of the major brands of cement in Nigeria, they started in 2002 and base In two location which are Sagamu and Ewekoro in Ogun State and since then they have proved to be one of the best with their quality cement. Lafarge engage in many product and they are

Elephant cement
This is the most popular of all their product, it is used with sand to mould block and build houses


This is not popular and it is mainly produce for block molding. It is stronger than elephant

This is used with sand to cast pillar and other important part of structure

How to become Lafarge and Dangote distributor in Nigeria

You will need some amount of money to start cement distribution business at least you will need between #5 million to #20 million to start the business.

No doubt one of the ways of gathering knowledge is what you are doing now but you need to top it by going to person who is making money with the business already and learn form that person; it should not take you more than 2 weeks before you will learn in and out of cement distribution business

Feasibility study
The first step is to do your feasibility study that will allow you to know if your cement distribution business will be profitable in your location.

Because the business is profitable in your friends location does not mean it will be profitable in your location. Below are the questions to ask in your feasibility study

Number of competitor in your location

Is your propose location pliable by car?

Purchasing power of people in your location

Get your warehouse ready
The first step is to get your location ready and set your warehouse. Put pallet on the floor and when stocking cement make sure it is not close to wall to avoid caking.

Also before sweeping sprinkle water on the floor to prevent dust that might cause respiratory disease

Register your business
To avoid future confrontation with the authority you need to register your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and also you will need it before you can register as distributor with Lafarge or Dangote another benefit is that it will make people to trust your business

Apply for distributorship
Both Lafarge and Dangote require some document before they can start giving you cement and they are

Certificate of company registration with the CAC

Application letter of distributorship

Bank reference number (scanned)

Passport photograph of the founder/MD

Hire staff
You can’t do it alone you need to hire staff that will handle lifting and recording but make sure to employ trustworthy people and you can do this by making use of referral; let people refer employee to you

Marketing is the bone of any business; you need to take it serious.

In cement business if you do your feasibility study well you won’t have a problem since it is a location based business below are the medium you can use to advertise your cement business in Nigeria

Sign post
Erect sign post to a junction close to your location, it will serve as advertisement and direction to passerby.

If you are just starting out you need flyer to attract customer. Distribute your flyers to your friends and family and don’t forget to make the design catchy this will prompt them to redistribute it and that’s exactly what you want.

Build a website
We are now in a virtual world, you need online presence and the best way to do this is to build website for your business with SEO content that will attract Visitor to your site. To create your website with SEO content contact us.

Social media
This will not do much, but do not neglect it, it can make your business go viral

Radio advisement will be a good thing for you since cement business is a location based business though it can be costly, try to do it at leas once.



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