Breeds of goat in Nigeria (local and exotic)

Goat farming is another lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria, after poultry farming it is the next in terms of profitability.


I have seen numerous cases of people that started with one breeds of goat and later expand to many breeds.

But what to do when farmer take the necessary step to have a high profit but he did not house the best breed that can give them a good yield either in terms of milk, meat, or hides.

That is why we decided to write this article to show farmer deferent local and exotic breeds of goat in Nigeria.


After a thorough research we classified goat breeds in Nigeria according to following

Meat type
Milk type
Hide type

Breeds/types of goat in Nigeria

1) Sahel goat
Sahel goat is found majorly in the northern part of Nigeria. It comes in white and black coat color with some patches of red.


Both the male and female has a horizontal horn and long leg which shows that they are well adapted to grazing system of rearing goat.

Male (buck) of Sahel goat can attain weight of 25kg to 30kg, while that of its female stop at 25kg.

If you are a farmer leaving in southwest I will advise you not to go for this breed because they don’t do well in southern Nigeria perhaps because of teste fly

Summary/ characteristics of Sahel goats

They have fine coat color which comes in black and white with red patches

They can be find in the northern region of Nigeria

They adapt well to dry environment
Buck can weigh up to 30kg wile female weight rest at 25kg

They produce small quantity of milk compare to exotic breeds


Both male and female has horn but more pronounce in male.

Feed/feeding method: grazing and grass respectively

Where to find them: northern part of Nigeria
Purpose: for meat

2) Red sokoto or Maradi
As the name implies red sokoto, is a native of sokoto and has red coat color. Due to its environment red sokoto goat have a long leg with a well develop foot.

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Both the female and male has horn and can attain up to 35kg weight.

If you are a southern farmer, red sokoto breed of goat is good but you can improve it survivability by crossing it with West African

Summary/ characteristics of red sokoto

It has a red coat color

Can be found in the north, sokoto to be precise


It adapt well to arid and dry environment

It has a long leg and ear

Both male and female possess horn

Purpose: for meat

Where to find them: northern Nigeria

Feed/feeding: grass and grazing respectively

3) West African Dwarf goat (WAD)

West African Dwarf goat is indeed dwarf. It has a short leg, short ear and head. It usually comes in black and white coat color with patches of other color. Both female and male has a short but robust horn and they are prolific and hardy.

WAD has small weight compares to other, they can attain up to 25kg weight if they see good care.

Summary/ characteristic of West Africa dwarf goat


They are very small with a weight of 25kg

They can be found in the southern Nigeria

They are hardy, and can withstand trypanosomiasis

They comes in black and white and patches of other color

Their milk production is better than other breeds


Purpose: meat and small milk

Where to find them: southern Nigeria

Feed/ feeding: left over food and grass but rarely grazed

4) Cameron dwarf goat
This look a lot like West African Dwarf goat and often group under it. But it is different; they are a little bit shorter than WAD and can be find in Cameroon.

Due to cross breeding program CDG are now everywhere even in southern Nigeria (you might have seen them without knowing).


If you are a farmer I will advise you to cross breed Cameroon dwarf goat with sokoto breed

Summary/characteristic of Cameroon dwarf goat

It is shorter than West African dwarf

It originated from Cameroon

It attain up to 15kg weight


It can be rear as pet

Purpose: pet and meat

Feed/feeding: kitchen left over and grass
Where to find them: West Africa

Exotic/ foreign breeds of goat in Nigeria

Below are the exotic breeds of goat that can do well in Nigeria

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1) Saanen
Saanen is a goat rear for milk and if well fed they can produce 3 to 4 liters of milk per day.

They are white in color with large body and well developed udder. They originated from Switzerland but right now they are all over Europe.

The male can attain 70kg weight while female will attain 65kg weight.

Summary/ characteristic of Saanen

They are milk purpose breed


They originated form Switzerland

They have large udder and well developed body

Male have horn while female don’t

Purpose: milk

Feed/feeding: concentrate, silage and grass


Where to find them: Switzerland

2) Toggenburg
Toggenburg is another milk goat breed that originates from Switzerland.

They have brown coat color with well-developed udder better than Saanen which makes them to have capacity to produce above 4 litters of milk per day.

The female can weigh up to 50kg while male can weigh 60kg.

Summary/ characteristics of Togenburg


They are brown in color with white color at the udder

They have well developed udder

They originate from Switzerland but can now be find everywhere in al Europe

Purpose: milk

Where to find them: Europe

Feed/feeding: concentrate, hay, silage and grass

3) Jamnapari

Jamnapari comes from Indian and it is a multipurpose breed meaning it can be used for milk and meat production.

It has large droopy ear and can attain up to 70kg weight. Jamnaprai also comes in white coat color.

Summary/ characteristic of Jamnapari

It can adapt well to tropics e.g. Nigeria

It is a multipurpose breed

The adult can weigh up to 70kg

Purpose: both milk and meat

Where to find them: India

Feed/feeding: grass. Hay, concentrate and silage

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4) Boer goat
Boer comes from a series of cross breeding of African goat. It comes in white coat color with a brown neck and head.

It is a meat purpose breed and the male can weigh as much as 140kg while the female can weigh up to 95kg depending on the environment. It is mostly found in South Africa

If you are a farmer I will advise you to buy this goat and cross it with the local breeds.

Summary/ characteristics of Boer

It is a meat purpose breed

It has white coat color with brown at the neck and head

Both female and male has horn

Purpose: meat

Where to find them: South Africa

Feed/feeding: grass, hay silage and concentrate

5) Kalahari
Kalahari is another breed form south Africa; it is also a meat purpose type with a brown coat color.

Remember I stated that Boer goat is cross breed of deferent African goats, the brown color of the neck is from Kalahari red. It is hardy goat than can adapt to arid and dry climate.

The male can weigh up to 130kg while female can attain 100kg weight.

Summary characteristic of Kalahari goat

It is very hardy and can adapt to dry environment

It originated from Kalahari Desert in South Africa

It has brown coat color

Purpose: meat

Where to find them: South Africa

Feed/feeding: grass, hay silage, they can also be grazed

6) Alpine
Alpine is a European breed and it is a multipurpose breed. It male can attain up to 70kg weight while the female can attain 60kg weight.

Its appearance looks like West African Dwarf goat but with well-developed udder. It comes in many colors but white is common.

Summary/ characteristics of alpine

It originate from Europe

It has Well-developed udder

Male can attain 70kg weight while female can attain 60kg weight.

7) Anglo Nubian
Anglo stand for English. Anglo Nubian is a result of cross breed between European breeds and Nubian breeds.

It coat color is white and it is a milk purpose type. Both the female and male can attain 60kg weight.

Summary/ characteristic of Anglo Nubian

It has white coat color

Both the the male and female are horned

It has well developed udder

Purpose: milk

Where to find them: Europe

Feeds/feeding: Grass, Hay, Silage and Concentrate.