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How To Get Baker Jobs In Canada (2024)

How To Get Baker Jobs In Canada-Baked foods are one of the most amazing foods that almost everybody eats. It is very rare or almost impossible to see someone who doesn’t eat bread, cakes or any other baked food? Almost everyone does and even Canadian love baked foods.

As a Baker Canada is very open to you because a large number of people of Canadians eat baked food making the demand for bakers high in Canada. Baking as a profession is among the in-demand occupations in Canada and there is a necessity to meet up to the labourshortages for bakers in the country.


There are also a lot of provinces in Canada with a lot of baker jobs and this is because of the large number of bakeries in these provinces. So you know also that Ontario and Alberta listed bakers and caterers as also one of the in-demand skilled trade in the province.

Seeing that you are foreign skilled baker or caterer, you have a better chance of immigrating to Canada in the 2023 as there happens to be over a hundred immigration programs that are being organized in other to help foreigners come into Canada and meet up to the labour shortages which is also as result of the aging population in Canada.


One important thing you need do when planning on immigrating to Canada as a baker is to well you decide on the province you would like to stay. Canada happens to have over 13 provinces in the country and having lots of great opportunities for you. You get to flex a better standard of living, enjoy top notch security, better and sound education and also a serene environment.

The most preferred way to immigrate to Canada as a baker in 2023 is to do a search on the province where the skilled trade job is in high demand. Well it is needed in almost all the provinces but mostly needed in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia as they happen to be the provinces with the most retail bakeries in Canada.

In Canada, bakers earn an average salary of $30, 000 to $50, 000 in a year and this varies on your work experience and most likely the province you choose to live in. But be rest assured that you will surely see work opportunities in Canada if you are a highly experienced and skilled baker.  For persons that want to be a boss of their own having to start up their own bakery, there are immigration programs that can assist you fast track your application and invitation as Canada is in search of people that will create jobs for citizens, permanent residence of Canada and also boost the economy of Canada.

How To Get A Job In Canada As A Baker

Here, we will be highlighting the steps you will go through to find baker jobs in Canada.


1.   Prepare your resume

You should prepare an excellent resume because a poorly written resume can stop you from getting a baker job in Canada even before you get to the interview stage.

Your resume is the first thing your potential employer sees before inviting you for an interview.

2.   Be selective about baker jobs

This means that you shouldn’t just apply for any baker job just because you are searching for baker jobs. You should be selective in your search for baker jobs. Do not send the same resume and cover letter to too many companies as these companies do interact with each other.

3.   Show that you want the job

Do well to follow up after submitting your resume as this will show your enthusiasm towards getting the job.

4.   Get strong endorsements

If you have strong references, you will easily get baker jobs in Canada. ensure that you get employment references from previous employers in your home country or other countries or places that you have worked in.

5.   Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media tool where recruiters and employers get candidates for jobs in Canada. So you can go through LinkedIn, to find baker jobs in Canada. Mind you, baker jobs in Canada never get advertised publicly and so you don’t have to sit and wait for the jobs to come find you.

In as much as there is a high demand for bakers in Canada, you will still have to look for those jobs and apply.

How To Immigrate And Get A Job In Canada As A Baker In 2023

Here we want to look at a number of the immigration programs in Canada which you pass through if you want to immigrate to Canada as a baker. We earlier stated that there are over a hundred immigration programs available for immigrants and if for you to successfully immigrate to Canada as a baker, you will have to choose the best immigration program which best suits you.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

1.   The Provincial Nominee Program

This program is specially designed for the all the provinces in Canada and it is aimed at meeting the labour requirements for the provinces in Canada. Every province in Canada has total control of its own nomination and sets requirements for every immigrant that want to come through the province nominee program.

There are many job opportunities for you as a baker as we have brought to your notice 12 best bakeries in Canada from different provinces in Canada. Canada happens to have thirteen provinces, only eleven of these provinces have provincial nominee program and these provinces are:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

What is needed is that you will have to get a job offer from an employer from any one of the provinces listed above as these provinces are looking for immigrants who are skilled workers to take and fill up  labourshortages in the provinces. We would advice that you look up for the bakeries we highlighted in this article so as for you to clearly see how you can get a job offer from one of any of the bakeries in any of the provinces in Canada that run a PNPs then  you can take the step to start working on your immigration.

You can go head to also apply for permanent residence in Canada through the PNPs and this can be made possible through the direct application process or the Express Entry linked to PNP.

  • Direct Application Process

If you want to process your application through this process, then you will need to apply by paper and submit your application via a mail or courier service. When this is done, you will have to wait for about fifteen (15) to nineteen (19) months for your application result.

  • Express Entry Application Process

This is another application process under the PNP is the Express Entry linked to PNP. This is a lot quicker than the direct application and you will only have to wait for about six (6) to eight (8) months for your application result. It might be either by the Provincial Nominee Express Entry Stream or expression of interest.

For the Provincial Nominee Express Entry Stream, you will be filling in application for an occupation in-demand in the province and you should know that firefighting is among the occupations in demand like we have mentioned earlier.

For the Expression of interest, here you will be showing interest in a particular province when creating your profile online and giving the province the allowance to select your profile from the Entry draw pool directly. This will definitely give you an edge here.

2.   Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is known to be the most popular and highly demand immigration system in Canada. It is an online program which one can use to get permanent residence in Canada. For this entry system, you will need to create an online profile and fill up all necessary requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to show your eligibility status and they are as follows:

  • Age (at least 18 years)
  • Work experience or training
  • Language fluency test results in English or French
  • Education
  • Provincial nomination

You are also required to complete your profile within 60 days and after completing your profile, you will then be placed in a pool with other candidates where you will be given a score and ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

In this requirement the score that will be given to the candidate based will be on the requirements you filled while creating the profile and you are expected to meet or exceed the CRS cut-off so as you will be eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada.

You don’t need worry if you are not successful on your first trail, you can actually increase the value of your CRS score by securing a job offer, this also including your spouse or partner or having a family member in Canada. This allows you to be more ready for the next pool and boost you chances. The Express Entry draws are done every two weeks (bi-weekly).

Well, this system is managed under three federal programs and they are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

How Will The Express Entry System Help You As A Baker Immigrate To Canada?

The Express Entry System happens to have three federal programs under it and that we have highlighted above and looking carefully the programs at which bakers fall under is the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

Are you wondering what this Federal Skilled TradesProgram is all about? Well it is our duty to explain better.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is mainly for qualified trades workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada. When processing the application for this program, a job offer is not an eligibility status for you.

Let’s list out the requirements for this program:

  • Applicants must not be lower than 18 years of age
  • Applicants must ensure that have a paid work experience of at least two years whether as part-time or full-time
  • It doesn’t need an educational requirement for a skilled trade worker but having it can add to your score.
  • Applicants must make sure that they meet the required language level in English or French in each language ability (speaking, writing, reading and listening)
  • Applicants should ensure that they have sufficient funds to support their settlements in Canada and also take care of any other family member coming with you unless you have a valid job offer
  • Applicants must successfully pass the security background check meaning no criminal record must be seen
  • You must pass the medical examination check meaning you are in sound health

Skilled trades for the FSTP are organized under the following National Occupation Classification (NOC) and the bakers for under the NOC 63202. Do you see that this trade job is needed in Canada?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Is There A Demand For Bakers In Canada?

In order to meet up to the growing demand, there are more than 2,100 bakery product manufacturing establishments and above 1,200 retail bakeries in Canada, many are located in the great province of Ontario.

2.   How Much Does A Baker Make In Canada?

The average salary of a baker in Canada is $31,200 per annum or $16 per hour. An entry-level positions start at $27,300 yearly, while most experienced workers make up to $39,000 per annum.

3.   Are Bakers Regulated In Canada?

Trades in Canada are regulated at the provincial and territorial level. In some cases, licensing, certification or registration is made available but not required by law.

4.   Which Province is the best for baker jobs in Canada?

Alberta is the province with the highest demand for baker and so it is a good place to start your search for baker jobs in Canada.

Final Note

Canada is a place where dreams are been chased and accomplished. This is true because Canada happens to have one of the best driving economy in the world and economy like that has what it takes to making you successful in life.

So no need of you thinking of if you are about to make the right choice because it is the right choice indeed for you and your family and baking is an amazing career path also provided you are skilled.

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