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Types/ Breeds of pigs in Nigeria

Pigs farming in Nigeria has been proven times without number to be profitable, but yet many are still making loss in it and the reason is not farfetched; they house poor breeds of pigs.

While there are four major commercial breeds of pig in Nigeria, most of them cannot adapt well to Nigeria environment until you cross breed them with local or with themselves (with other commercial breed).


If you are reading this article and wondering what is all about; its purpose is to show different breeds of pig in Nigeria with their characteristic and what need to be done to have high profitability.

You will agree with me that profitability is the aim of any business forget passion if you do not have profit your business will surely die that is why we list it according to their profitability.

1) Large white (Yorkshire)


The first on our list is large white which is also known as Yorkshire. It is white in color, the male have potential to reach 400kg while sow have the ability to reach 300kg.

It has large head with big snout and a broad chest. If your niche is selling of piglet, large white is the go to because they are prolific and they a have good mothering ability.

Summary / characteristics of large white

The average litter size of sow is 12

They possess seven pairs of teat unlike other breeds

They have good mothering ability

They are the best to go for when thinking of cross breeding

It is originated from Britain

They adapt well to confine environment

They have erect ears

Price of mature large white pig in Nigeria: #40,000 to #70,000

2) Landrace
Landrace make second of our list because of their feed utilization, landrace can easily convert 3kg of feed to 1 kg meat. It is also white in color like large white but have small head and small chest.

If your niche is selling pork this is the best breed for you. The boar can weigh as much as 350kg while the sow weight rest at 300kg

Summary / characteristic of landrace

They have a droopy ear

The average liter size of sow is 10

They also have good mothering ability

Best for pork selling niche

It originate from Denmark

It has a droopy ear

They are highly susceptible to stress

They produce highest quality bacon

Price of mature landrace pig in Nigeria: #45,000 to #75,000

3) Duroc
Duroc is a red color pig, mostly rear for pork. Boar can attain 400kg while sow weight rest at 350kg.

The sow also has a good mothering ability and highly prolific, it can produce up to 10 piglets per farrow.

This pig is like a dual purpose breed, you can sell the piglet and also engaging in pork selling.

Summary/ characteristic of Duroc

They have a droopy ear

They grow very fast

They are red in color

Duroc is an America breed

They are also refers to as Duroc jersey

They are hardy and have great resistance to stress

They have low mortality rate

Price of mature Duroc pig in Nigeria: #40,000 to #70,000

4) Hampshire
Hampshire is reared solely for bacon. They are grey in color with a white belt near the shoulder.

The boar can attain 300kg while the sow will rest at 250kg.

Summary/ characteristic of Hampshire

They are muscular which make them good for bacon

Average litter size of piglet is 9

They have high weaning rate

They are better in extensive system

It can be use in cross breeding

Price of mature Hampshire pig in Nigeria: #40,000 to #65,000

5) Poland China
As the name implies, Poland China comes from China and it is new to Nigeria. It is black in color with white spot at the feet, snout and face. it has a good mothering ability and highly prolific as its can produce 15 piglet per farrow.

If your niche is selling piglet this the best breed for you

Summary/ characteristic of Poland China

The boar can weigh up to 350kg while the sow can weigh up to 300kg.

They have good mothering ability

They have a large body size

They have a strong bone

Price of mature Poland China pig  in Nigeria: #30,000 to #60,000

6) Tamworth
Tamworth is a England breed rear for bacon. They are golden red in color and have less weight compare to other breed but they grow very fast. It is also prolific and has good mothering ability

Summary / characteristic of Tamworth

They have a long, large snout but small body
The boar can attain 300kg while the sow will rest at 250kg

They are good forager and do well in confinement

They are also prolific with good mothering ability

Price of mature Tamworth in Nigeria: #40,000 to #60,000

Question and answer

Which breeds of pig is best in Nigeria?

The best breed of pig in Nigeria is large white (Yorkshire) because of their good mothering ability, also they are highly prolific

Best pig breed for commercial farming?
The best pig breed for commercial farming depend on the niche for instance a farmer with a plan to sell piglet will go for large white while those with plan to process and sell pork will go for landrace.



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