5 ways to request/check your GTbank statement of account

Statement of account has now become an important document, if you want to collect a loan or apply for visa you might be ask to submit it. While some banks send statement of account periodically to their customer while some do not, this is why you need to knowing how to check or request for … Read more

How to block zenith bank ATM card in less down 5 minutes

As technology continue to improve so do fraudster continue to wise up, ATM card that you can keep anywhere before has now turn to thing you need to hide well because if it get into the hand of scammers, they will find a way to get your card details through the CVV or it might … Read more

How to block GTBank ATM card quickly

Withdrawing money from bank account is now easy since the advent of ATM card you don’t need to go to bank before you can withdraw, there are many POS around that you can withdraw from. Like other bank Gtbank also give ATM card to their customer once they open account with them and with this … Read more

Kuda Bank USSD Transfer Code: How to use it

  Before banking activities in Nigeria was an herculean task, if you want to do anything you will have to que and waist a lot of time but that is long gone thanks to Neo bank like kuda bank. Nigerian can now bank at the comfort of their home without any hassle you don’t need … Read more

Jaiz bank transfer (USSD) code: Buy airtime, make transfer

Jaiz bank is one of the bank in Nigeria that do not charge interest on their loan,they operate according to Islamic principle which forbid interest on loan. Like other banks they allow their curstormers to make transaction, buy airtime and other banking activities with ussd code. Ever since their establish in 2012 they have been … Read more

How to block uba ATM card quickly 

ATM card is one of the best solution initiate by banks, it has make transaction easy you don’t need to wait forever in bank before you can transfer money to your friends and family. But in all of this, fraudsters has found their way to the syytem, if your ATM card get  lost you should … Read more