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How to start peanut burger business in Nigeria

Peanut burger business is another untapped yet lucrative business in Nigeria; people hardly see it as lucrative ‘peanut! Are you kidding me’ this is how people react whenever I tell them about the business, well that is a good thing since there will be less competition to tackle.

What is peanut burger?


I’m sure you know what peanut burger is but for the sake of clarity, peanut burgers are peanut coated with flour and fry with oil. It is a snack that people love to eat and it is always in demand.

If you are thinking of starting peanut burger business or you just want to broaden your knowledge, you have come to the right place as this article will be shedding light on peanut burger production in Nigeria including cost of starting it, profit analysis, challenges, preparation, equipment’s needed and how to.


But before we go into it I will like you to take note of the following headings

Why peanut burger production

Perhaps you are still on the fence, below point will assure you that peanut burger business is a good business

1) Easiness of starting
With 1 or 2 month training you can become a peanut burger producer and also the process is straight forward.


2) Low cost
Though depend on the scale of production you can start peanut production with as little as #30, 000 Impossible!

That was how I sound during our research wait till you get to cost analysis and profitability.

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3) High demand
There is no day I took garri without peanut and trust me there a lot of people in Nigeria who are like me and some see it as quick snack which does not left oil remain on hands.

In short it is always in demand; you can’t go wrong if you do the business

4) You can do it anywhere
You don’t need to build high end factory before you can make your peanut burger, with small shop or space you are good to go, but make sure you are neat.

5) Raw material
Ingredient needed for peanut burger can be source locally; you don’t need to go through the process of importing raw materials and ingredients.

Equipment and machine needed for burger production business in Nigeria

  • Frying pan
  • Frying spoon
  • Packaging
  • Bowls
  • Tray
  • Nylon
  • Gas cooker
  • Peanut Coating machine (large scale)
  • Peanut Packaging machine (large scale)
  • Peanut sealing machine (large scale)
  • Peanut frying oven (large scale)

Ingredients needed for peanut burger business

  • Groundnut
  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Salt
  • Baking powder
  • Groundnut oil
  • flavor

How to make or prepare peanut burger (crunchy) in Nigeria

One of the advantage of peanut burger is that it steps is straight forward, anybody can do it but to have distinct taste that will stet you apart from competitor you need to learn it or do trial and error.

Below are the steps to prepare peanut burger in Nigeria

1) Add flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and flavor together. Mix them till they give out same color.

2) Break your egg into a bowl and mix till it become uniform or white

3) Pour you peanut into another bowl and remove the dirt, the bad peanut and stone.

4) Rinse it with hot water for 15 minutes

5)Take out of the egg solution and add some peanut to it. Make sure the peanut is not more than the egg solution.

6)Stir the egg solution and use it to cover the peanut and separate peanut that gum together.

7) Then add the flour mixture in step 1 and stir

8) Separate peanut if that gum together

9) Put groundnut oil on fire and leave it for 3 minutes

10) Pour the right quantity of groundnut into the oil and allow it to fry until it turns to golden brown.

11) Pour the fry peanut in a sieve to let the oil drain from the peanut

12) Allow it to cool, and then package it.

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How to start peanut burger business in Nigeria

1) Knowledge
Though peanut is simple and straight forward, if you want to have distinct taste you need to learn it.

Luckily you can’t spend more than 3 month before you will grab the knowledge or you can do trial and error which will waste your effort and money, it will also take time.

Also making peanut is different from starting peanut t business, if you seek the how-to you will learn where and how to sell your peanut. You will not repeat the mistakes of others.

2) Feasibility report
Feasibility study will let you know your target customers, competitors and what you need to do to be above the competition. So go out and interview potential customers and competitors.

Check your propose location and answer the following questions

  • Is it good for your kind of business?
  • Is it easy to get your raw material?
  • What is the average sale of peanut in that area?
  • Is your location motor able?

All this is to let you know if the business will be profitable in your location and how profitable it will be.

3) Register your business
If you are really serious with the business, you need to register it with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) and NAFDAC.

If you are starting small you can pend it, but have it in mind that you will register or else government authorities will clamp down on your business.

4) Business plan
I’m sure you will have lay down steps you want your business to follow write them down, do not think you can store it in your brain, you will surely forget.

If you have intention of using the plan to obtain loan put more effort into it and make it simple and concise.

Your plan should comprise of the following

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Organization chart
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Staffing
  • Etc.

5) Set up your shop or factory
If you are starting small there is little to set up but if it is large scale you need to set up your equipment and store house.

The factory should be set up like plant such that the coating comes first while frying, sealing and packaging follows respectively.

6) Buy you peanut and make burger
Not all peanut are good for burger that is why you need to learn it for some time. The best peanut for burger is the smaller one, it is more sweater and easy to coat without wasting resources.

If it is your first time sourcing for peanut, you should take professional along with you preferably your trainer.

To make burger you can follow the procedure above.

7) Packaging
Take packaging seriously, before people will buy your peanut it is the packaging they will look, especially the young one.

less I forget, before starting your burger identify the market segment you are targeting if it is small kid you need to add sugar and let the package design be top notch but if it is diabetics patient you can’t use sugar instead use honey.

Whatever people you are targeting make sure the packaging material is easy to open, do not be like one Maggi brand, people will ditch you for another brand if your material is causing them problem.

Also taste is everything in peanut it is where you can differentiate your business, keep researching and interview your customers to create a better taste.

8) Pricing
When pricing your peanut burger go out and see what your competitor are selling theirs and add little to your peanut quantity at the same price or at the same quantity but less price, it will attract a lot of customer to you. You can later adjust it once you establish your brand.

9) Marketing
Much of the marketing would have been done if your peanut taste good with a good packaging, none the less you can use the following to medium to advertise your business.

Flyers and logo
Print flyers and logo and cajole your friends and family to share it. it will let people know that your business is now in town.

Sign post
Erect a sign post to a junction. This will serve as direction and awareness to the passerby

Social media
Social media is a good place to market you product, but since your business is mostly B2B (business to business) it will only have minimal effect. Upload your peanut pics regularly and write some engaging content about it.

Radio and T.V
If you are starting a large scale this medium is the best for you. It will generate lead quickly but make sure you have capacity to take a lot of orders

Have a blog
Blogging about food will make people know your business, but I warn you it will take time before you start seeing result but once you do you are set forever.

Contact us to help you set up your blog with content.

Paid ads
Paid ads is quick, you will get result in weeks. To use it contact advertiser to help you out.

Leg work and cold call
This is the best method for those that are starting small. Go out and find restaurant that can buy your product, give them free samples, if your peanut burger taste great they will surely call you and from there you will grow your business.

If leg work is hard, you can do cold calling but it is less effective, go to website of your potential customers (restaurant and mall), get their email or phone number and contact them.

  • Start with greeting and let it be short
  • Put your business logo at the end of the email and do not forget to write a catchy heading.

Cost of starting peanut burger bisness in Nigeria

It depend on the scale of production and location, you can’t compare the cost of starting business in Lagos with that of Oyo state.

Nevertheless below is the average cost of starting peanut burger business in Nigeria

For small scale you will need between #30,000 and #100,000

For medium scale you need between #100,000 to #500,000

For large scale you will need between #500,000 to #2,000,000

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How profitable is peanut burger business in Nigeria

Peanut burger is profitable according to Bright (professional) you can make between 40% to 70% of your cost of production for instance let say you start with #50,000 you can make #25,000 as profit (50%)

Challenges of peanut burger business


If peanut burger is left for a long time, it can get spoiled.

Make peanut that you know you can sell in week and store it well

Competition will eat you up if you don’t know you target audience so conduct feasibility report and target your market

Don’t set up peanut burger business if the taste is not top notch, not average, your burger taste must be great

This article contains everything you need to know about how to start peanut burger business in Nigeria but if you do not act on it, you have just wasted your time.

So stand up and start up your business, do not be a wantreprenur instead be astartuppreneur.

Your comment will gear us to do more kindly do so in the comment box

Thanks for reading


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