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Where to buy cheap snails and cost of snail per kg in Nigeria

Snail is now among the staple food in Nigeria thanks to it succulent and tastiness. It is better than other meat because of it low cholesterol which makes it a go to for people with diabetes, blood pressure and other heart disease but the problem now is where to buy it in Nigeria.

The reason why it is heard to locate snail seller is because it is a developing section of agriculture in Nigeria, unlike poultry.


By clicking this article it means you are looking for where to buy cheap snail in Nigeria and this is what this article is all about.

We now the readers of this article we have different intent for instance a consumer or restaurant owner we look for where to get edible snail while farmer will look for where to buy snail for rearing.


We take all this into consideration when writing this article therefore it will serve whatever intent.

Breed of snail in Nigeria

To most people snail look the same but they are different, there are breeds that grow larger and quicker than other breeds of snail. Breeds of snail in Nigeria are

  • Achachatina Maginanta
  • Achatina Achatina
  • Achatina Fulica

Out of these breeds of snail the best to consume and rear is Achatina Maginata because it can grow to a larger size. If you are a farmer and have intention of rearing snail, this is the best snail breeds to house in Nigeria.

Where to buy cheap snail in Nigeria for farmer

A farmer need to be careful you can’t buy snail sold along the road side, you need to go into bush and pick it yourself or take the less difficult route which is to buy from snail farm in Nigeria which will be listed below


Click here to here 

Where to buy cheap snail in Nigeria for consumer

For consumer you are not limited you can get snail in farm and also in the snail market across Nigeria the only problem now is where to get it cheap and it is listed below

Jiji ng
Jiji is a classified platform in Nigeria where you can buy and sell product. Due to the problem of buying and selling that surround snail business, buyers now utilize the platform to sell their snail.

The advantage of this platform is that you have a lot of buyer to choose form but be careful when buying snail from this platform, I will advise you to see the snail before paying.


Olist is another online platform own by Opramini it also operate like jiji ng and don’t forget the advice I gave above.

Ibadan- Ondo road
When traveling Ondo- Ibadan road there a lot of along the road who want to sell their snail. If you want to buy in large stock strike a deal with them and assure you that you will always get snail on the day of your agreement.

Owena market
There are a lot of people displaying snail for sell in Owena market, if the quantity you want to buy is much strike a deal with as many buyer as possible.

Other market in Nigeria
Look for local market close to your location, you will surely see people selling snail.

Snail price per kg in Nigeria

After locating the cheap place to buy your snail the next is to know the price of the snail so that buyers will not reap you off

Baby snail
As their name implies they are small snail between 1 and 30 days old. They go for #200 per one

Grower snails
These are growing snail between 4 and 5 months old. They go for #300 per one

Point of lay snail
These are snails that are ready to lay egg. If you buy point of lay egg, within 2 or 3 months they will lay egg. They are between 5 to 8 months old. They go for #500 per one

Breeder snail
They are senior to point of lay such that they are already laying egg, when you buy them they won’t waste time before they start laying. They are usually between 8 and 12 months of age and they go for #900 to #1000 per one

Table size snail
They are full grown snail that are ready for consumption, if you are a consumer this the best snail to buy they are between the age of 12 to 18 months and they go for #700 per one

Jumbo snails
Not all snail reach jumbo size the only one that reaches jumbo size is Achatina Maginata because they can grow big. Jumbo size snails is between 13 to 15 months of age and they go for #1500 per one

Extra-large snail
This the same age as jumbo size but due to genetic factor they grow larger in size than the rest. It is rare to see extra-large snail among your snails. They go for #2000 per one


Baby snails are sold at #200
Grower snails are sold at #300
Point of lay snails are sold at #500
Breeder snails are sold at #1000
Table sized snails is sold at #800
Jumbo size snails is sold at #1500
Extra-large snails is sold at #2000

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