Top Agritech companies/ startup in Nigeria

  Before, farming and other farming related activities is done with crude tool and implement, it was difficult for farmer to make huge income from is effort and what about food security it was poor since there is not enough food in circulation. Thanks to mechanical development which boosted the production of food with mechanical … Read more

How to start Tech Company in Nigeria

It is no longer news that tech company or start up are now taking it from oil company. They are now the hit thing in the business world, but while there is a lot of money to be made there is also a lot of risk; risk that can cripple entrepreneur and make them run … Read more

Top tech startups and companies in Nigeria

Startup in Nigeria started booming around 2010, back then Nigeria could hardly boast of having 20 startups but now it is a different game as Nigeria now has more than 300 hot startup. Crunchbase startup statics shows that Nigeria has more than 200 startups, Weetracker opined that it is 107 while techpoint put the number … Read more

Top Angel investors or seed funder for startup in Nigeria

In this article you will see the list of angel investors in Nigeria and how to reach them. Also you will learn how to seek angel them and what you need to prepare. Anything that start with business is hard but tech startup is more harder, before testing your idea, build portfolio, product launch, iteration, … Read more

Venture capitalist in Nigeria and their portfolio

To fund a startup, the best person to meet are the angel investors who will not only give you fund they will also guide you through since they are entrepreneur themselves but what to do when most of them will direct you to their venture firm and also angel investors only provide fund for early … Read more