Mvp: Things to do when building your MVP

Before the advent of MVP startup were characterized with wasting of money before getting money and most time startup fails there by loosing investors money. For most people MVP can be confusing, because its purpose and need differs, for those that want to test demand for their product, they don’t need to build a product … Read more

Top 7 startup that  failed in Nigeria and Why

Startup is an experiment, it can fail or succeed, if it fail, the next thing is to analyse the startup and look for the reason, this will equip entrepreneur in their next venture. But why wait till your startup fail before you learn the cause of it failure!!! In this post we list popular Nigeria … Read more

Paystack success story, founders and how it all started

Paystack, a payment platform that helps buyers and sellers send and receive money respectively, did not come alive out of wishes, it was from the hardwork and experience of two Babcock alumni. Paystack story is a story of opportunity meet preparation. Who are the founders of Paystack   Paystack Founder: Shola Akinlade Shola Akinlade is … Read more

Building your team: What you need to pay attention to

In the early stage of a startup, the work is on the neck of founders, but once the product start to get some traction, and you have validate your product/market fit. Building team that will support the exponential growth your startup is experiencing is the next phase. Every person you hire can make or mar … Read more

How to find startup/ Business ideas in Nigeria

Startup idea is not hard to find, you just have to put yourself in shape to find them. In our day to day activities there are lot of problems we encounter, if only we can put our self inform to see this ideas, we will be building a billion dollar business in the next five … Read more

Top Agritech companies/ startup in Nigeria

  Before, farming and other farming related activities is done with crude tool and implement, it was difficult for farmer to make huge income from is effort and what about food security it was poor since there is not enough food in circulation. Thanks to mechanical development which boosted the production of food with mechanical … Read more

How to start Tech Company in Nigeria

It is no longer news that tech company or start up are now taking it from oil company. They are now the hit thing in the business world, but while there is a lot of money to be made there is also a lot of risk; risk that can cripple entrepreneur and make them run … Read more

Top tech startups and companies in Nigeria

Startup in Nigeria started booming around 2010, back then Nigeria could hardly boast of having 20 startups but now it is a different game as Nigeria now has more than 300 hot startup. Crunchbase startup statics shows that Nigeria has more than 200 startups, Weetracker opined that it is 107 while techpoint put the number … Read more