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Online business vs physical business: Which is the best?

I won’t bother you with definition of online business neither of physical business, I will just go straight to the points.

It is a trend now, everybody want to have online business; for some they just want to make cool cash while some just want to have it for the sake of having it. Some even go ahead and sell their physical business thinking that they would soon make x100 of what they are making before. What an illusion!!

Having been engage in both physical and online business I can say that both are hard, in fact online business is more harder, because you are competing with a lot of people from deferent geographical area.

For instance bloggers and freelancers compete with people of deferent country and continent. You can be in Africa and hire a designer in America, this is how online business is, it is very competitive, even if you learn all the technical know how, purchase courses and other requirement it is still an herculean task to beat the competition.

Online business vs physical business

To make any tangible money online you will spend nothing less than two years; 1 year to master the skill another year to put the art to work.

But if you are lucky to have a guru who will take you by hand you should earn money in less then a year, but the problem is that Guru will demand nothing less than #100,000 or more before they will teach a thing and I’m sure most people are going into online business because they think the startup cost is less

This take me to my second point, if you care to listen, there is no business that has no cost, you need money to make money online, well that if you are serious, all the cost might not be burn at the beginning but as you move on, you will see that the business will require fund if you can’t meet up with the finance, the competition will eat up your business and again the perceive low cost of doing online business drop the barrier of entry, any body can just start an online business anywhere, at any time which further increase the competition.

Of course physical business has it own, huge amount of money is needed before you can set up a standard business that will no fissile out in time; local and state government will frustrate you and if your business rely on light you are in trouble.

For instance there are a lot of pains and depression in agric world, many people have lost their mind because their birds died while some have swore never to enter anything agric again or what will you say to farmer that lost about 1,000 birds to Newcastle disease.

I think I have done good job in confusing you the more, since am not rooting for any one. Well success in both business depend on your state in life.

If you have a deep knowledge about a physical business I will beg you not to touch anything online, don’t mind those people showing their dashboard with a lot of dollars in it. It took them years to get there and trust me if you put in the same effort into that your physical business you will soar like eagle, in fact more than the online guy.

Online business vs offline business

If you have no knowledge of any physical business, go ahead and learn online business, but know that it will take you more than a year before you can make anything from it and be ready for roller coaster.

In both business if you are just starting out without a mentor, get ready to sacrifice two years of your life doing trial and error. For physical business you will loose more money in this years, for online business you will lose your sanity.

The best solution to both is to find work in the industry you want to setup business for some years, this will give you the needed experience to succeed.


Both business is good but be ready to sacrifice. In whatever business you chose ensure that it can give you million in the future or you will be wasting years on thousand market cap industry.

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