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Best Broiler Growth Booster in Nigeria

Big and healthy broiler is the hope of every farmer, and of course the choice of consumer too. The quicker a farmer can produce this big broiler the better; it will reduce cost and labour, hence farmer go extra mile to find that thing that will boost their birds growth.

Well you have found it, after a thorough research we come out with top ten best broiler growth booster in Nigeria but before we go I to the list I will like you to take note of the following

Growth booster are not magic

Growth booster are not plug and play, if you don’t take care of your bird or give them quality feed they will not grow not to talk of having faster growth rate.

Also growth booster will not increase weight of sick bird such bird should be treated first.
Growth booster are like a push that will make your bird to eat well and digest well. Apart from this do no expect any magic.

What is growth booster

Growth booster are substances or drug added to chicken feed , water or injected in oder to improve their growth rate and over all metabolism. Chicken growth booster contain vitamins, mineral and some times essential amino acid and these help them to eat well.

When to give growth booster to your broiler

Growth booster can be given to bird at any time but the best practice is to give them when they are above 3 weeks, by then there digestive system would have developed.

Since the work of growth booster is to enlarge digestive system capacity, it might be too early for small birds and can lead to sudden death.

Types of broiler growth booster

There are two common types of growth booster and they are

1) Organic growth booster

2) Inorganic growth booster

Organic growth booster

Growth booster

This is home made growth booster usually gotten from herbs (contain ingredients like cayne, ginger and garlic), probioyics and natural ingredient.

The right mixture of the herbs will help birds to eat and digest well, while probiotics usually lab (lactobacilus) will introduce beneficial bacterial into the gut of the birds there fore reducing the number of harmful bacterial and improving the metabolism activities of the bird.

Inorganic broiler booster

This are made from chemical in the lab usually drug and hormone, they do the same job as inorganic booster but much more effective.

You don’t need to have the technical know how before you can use inorganic growth booster. Just go to a store or shop and ask for one of the growth booster that will be listed below

Donnay growth booster
Donnay growth booster help bird to convert their feed quickly there for aiding quick muscle deposition.

With this booster be ready to feed, because your bird will eat more than they use to once you start it. It also help to flush out harmful bacteria in the gut and boost the color of your birds skin.

It comes in 5kg, 20kg and 30kg

The only problem.with this booster is that it causes leg breakage since the weight of the bird will be too much to carry by the tender leg. To prevent this add calcium (claciplus, or normal calcium drug) to their water.

Vitrano forte
This is another growth booster, this one is best for birds that undergo stress, for instance, stress due to vaccination, transportation or grouping. It contain mineral, vitamin and amino acid in a balance ratio.

You can order from here

Broiler booster super tonic
Super tonic deal with appetite of birds and feed conversion. It will help your birds to have appetite for feed and also help them to convert it to flesh quickly. This is best use for birds with low performance.

Apart form the above benefit it also help to boost bird immunity by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacterial in the gut.

You can order form here

Maxi Growth
This is a combination of mineral and antibiotic, it helps your bird to grow faster by supplying mineral needed for growth it also help to reduce bacteria infection since it comes with antibiotics.

Apart from poultry it can also be used for sheep, goat and other animal
You can order here

El-rox booster
El rox is another broiler booster in Nigeria, it help to increase growth rate such that birds can reach market weight quickly. It contain minerals, vitamin, antibiotics and coccidiostart.

El rox also help to improve pigmentation which means it help boost the colour of your birds skin

It causes leg breakage since the weight of the birds body will be too much to carry by the leg. Complement the booster with calcium drug.

Miavit V.T.A
Miavit is a liquid growth booster, it contain mineral vitamin and essential amino acids in right proportion. It is one of the widely use broiler growth booster in Nigeria due to it ability to improve birds intake and digestibility.

With this drug you don’t need to go for premium feed.

You can order from here

It is expensive around #7,000


Vitalyte combat stress in broiler. If your bird undergo stress, this is the best booster to use to help them replenish the lost nutrient. It contain, mineral, vitamin and electrolyte.
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Lysoforte booster
Lysoforte booster contains lysophosphatidic which help to increase feed digestion and conversion. It is a choice of most famer in Nigeria because of it ability to absorb fat and increase muscle. Like El-rox you need to use it with calcium.

You can order


Growth booster are not do or die you can still achieved great weight from your birds you just need to have a good management practices; ensure there is no feed wastage, buy your DOC from reputable source.

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