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Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

It is a known fact that to make it in this country you must either be in business, be an entertainer or be a politician, even if you want to opt for job there is none available or unless you know some that know someone.

But while there are many business idea in Nigeria, there are few that ladies can venture into, some business are demanding, it will take time and effort which is too much to ask of ladies.


The purpose of this article is to show you the business idea for ladies in Nigeria.

Though the list is for ladies that does not mean man is not also ploughing the industry just that they are few you will mostly be competing with ladies like you.


But before we gointo it I will like to write a few lines about business idea.

Business idea is the path to start a business, get it right and you will always smile to bank, get it wrong and you will get frustrated.

The best way to get it write is to choose idea that is in demanding in your location, most of the business idea that will be listed here are lucrative but we can’t say of your propose location that is why you need to carryout feasibility report to know if it is profitable and how profitable it will be your propose location.

With that been said, let go into the reason you click this article.


Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

Frozen food

If you are in high traffic location, you can set up frozen food store where you will sell frozen chicken, fish and others.

It is less demanding, the only problem is the light; you need to buy an electricity generator to augment the NEPA light.

It is a lucrative business that can give you more than 50% profit margin per month and the cost is not that much you can start it with little as #200,000 but note; the less amount you start with the lesser your profit per month, but it will surely grow as you make sale and reinvest the profit back into the business.

Cosmetic store

Cosmetic business is ladies domain; you will hardly find man here.

It is a profitable business and high in demand, even in economic downtime people will still want to look good which means you can’t go out of business.

To make great sale you need to be in high traffic location and you can also utilize social media to sell your goods.

You can start it with #100,000 and make more than #50,000 profits per month.


This is another business idea for ladies in Nigeria, it is subtle and does not require much strength but you need to be pro in your skill.

Wait, let me define freelancing for this sake of those have not heard about it, it is simply selling your skill to people in Nigeria and beyond, without been in employment contract.

As stated above to make money in freelancing you need to know your onion, you need to be a pro. Some of the freelancing skill that is selling is writing, proofreading, website development, graphics design and others.

For a start you can target Nigerian this will give you experience and portfolio needed to work with foreign customer.

Cooking gas business

Cooking gas business is new and lucrative business thanks to many homes that has turn down kerosene for gas.

It is always in demand and will continue to be as long as people are eating.

The only problem with this business idea is that it is everywhere; therefore you need to get your feasibility study right, start the businesses only when you are sure that there is low competition in your location and future rise in competition can be manage.

The set up cost is not high and you can make a lot of profit from it.

Baking business

By baking I mean chin chin, peanut and others, it is a lucrative business if you know what you are doing. To make it big target school, supermarket and offices. The startup cost is not high; you can start with little as #30,000 naira.

The problem with this business is that you need to have good baking skill; your unique selling preposition is the taste of your baked product, if you know you are not that good don’t even try it.


This more applicable to teacher but other people can also do it, if you have good understanding of Math English, Physics and other major subjects in JAMB and WAEC.

You can rent a space and set up a marketing campaign that will drive student or do home tutoring where you will teach student in their home.

The later is tedious and not that lucrative, i will advise you to have plan in place for tutoring school let home tutoring be your starting point.


Vlogging which means posting video on YouTube and other video hosting platform is taking it from blogging, people are making serious money from it and it does not require much just a camera, tripod and content.

On the part of content, you need to create video that will solve people’s problem or that will make them laugh. You will make money by submitting your channel to AdSense and through sponsor post.

To have a lot of subscriber, share your video to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Posting your video on YouTube is free but you will need to buy camera (or use phone) and video editor (or free video editor).

Okirika business

Okirika business is best for ladies, since gender that buys Okirika most are ladies. You can import it directly from USA, UK or link up with wholesaler around you.

The secret of this business is to buy is to buy grade one, this type of okirika look new and it will be difficult to differentiate it from new cloth.

The cost of stating the business is not much you can start it with #30,000 if you want to buy form wholesaler and #150k if you want to import it.

The profitability is also good, you can earn 100% of your cost i.e. if you put 30k into it you should expect 30k profit.

Making and sale of detergent

This is a two way business, you can make soap or sell popular soap brand. Of course the most profitable is making your own soap which is not hard to do, with as little as #40,000 and 1 month training you will start your detergent business.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of making soap you can buy and sell popular brand soap. The soap that makes more sell in this business is liquid soap and soda soap.


If you have a writing skill and have something to say you can start blogging, it is one of the lucrative business that does not require much of physical effort but it takes time before you can make money from it, at least 1 to 2 years for newbie blogger.

One thing I like about blogging is that you are in control, you own your blog and you can do anything with it. To make money from it once you get traffic, use AdSense, affiliate link or sell your own product.

You will need #10,000 to #50,000 to start it.

Ice block business

This require freezer, light and generator to augment NEPA light, if you can get everything ready you will be depositing money every day.

A friend of mine is into it and makes more than #600,000 per month. But you need situate your business in high traffic area where there is high chance that people will patronize.

The cost of starting the business is much between #300,000 to #1000, 000 but the profitability is out of this world.

Bead making

If you have a bead making skill, it is time to set yourself up, there a lot of people that prefer bead to gold or diamond. The cost of stating it is not much you can start with little as #20,000.

For those that do not have the skill, it is not hard you should be able to acquire the skill within a month.

You can rent a shop or use social media to sell your goods.

Data selling

This is another business suitable for ladies in Nigeria. The business model is simple buy data in bulk from telecommunication network and resells it to final consumer.

To make a great sale reduce the price of your data compare to other and you will see how people will flock your DM.

Dry cleaning business

Dry cleaning business is another business idea for ladies in Nigeria that can be start with little money. Your job is to collect cloth from your customer, wash, iron and collect your money simple.

The cost of starting it is much since you will be buying washing machine, but there is a way around it; strike a deal with any cleaner that have washing mashing, collect cloth and wash it there, you can do this till you make enough money to buy your own washing machine.

Dry cleaning business is profitable but it is a man no man business, people you don’t know will hardly give you cloth to clean so look in to your network and start from there, if you are a church or mosque goer it will be easy for you.

Boutique business

Boutique is also a good business idea for ladies in Nigeria. Since people that will mostly buy from you are ladies you should stick to ladies ware. If you want to make a great sale set up your shop in high traffic location like road side.

To sale more open Facebook account and post picture of your fine cloth regularly before you know it people will start asking for price and eventually ordering it.

Restaurant business

Sincerely women do well in restaurant business perhaps because cooing is inborn to most. Locate a good place where you can have potential customer. Restaurant business can be laborious but you will surly make your profit.

What you need to take god care of is your food recipe and accounting book. I listed accounting book because your staff can steal your money if you don’t have basic accounting skill.

It is capital intensive, but you will surely get your money because it is a high demand business people will surely eat.


In hairstyling business you will need to acquire hairstyling skill and fortunately you can learn it within six month please don’t rely on YouTube video you can augment it with professional training.

It is very profitable business but costly to startup.

If you want to make great sale set up your shop along a roadside and put more effort to the design of your saloon or shop.

Setup daycare

Day care is now a hot cake in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Portacourt and others. Your job is to accept kid form their parent, nurture him or her till their parents come back.

The cost you will incur is the building rentage and marketing cost. One thing about day care business it is a long time business as long as people are given birth you will not be out of business.

Tips to succeed in a your business endeavor in Nigeria

Tips to succeed in a your business endeavor in Nigeria


Seek knowledge

Though what you are doing now is seeking knowledge but I want you to take it to another level, kook for someone who is already making money in the business you want to venture into.

Not that you can’t start without any body’s help but you will get frustrated using trial and error method and eventually quit, trust me you will want to avoid that

Feasibility study and business plan

I see a lot of business ditching feasibility study please don’t do that, your first step in stating a business is feasibility study, conduct it and know if your business can compete in your propose location and also write business plan that will contain your future goal and the step you will take to get there.

Business plan will protect you from shining object syndrome.

Accounting skill

As your business grows you will need to monitor your cash flow. Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria will tore every page on how to start a business but leave how to run it and eventually they will quit the business because they don’t know how to build business around their product.

Don’t be like these as you are looking for business idea also search for how to run; know how to write and read accounting data.

Have mentor

Look for someone who is 5 to 10 years away in the business you want to do or currently doing.

Sometime a problem you did not foresee will occur and it will require the help of experience person, this is where your mentor will come in.

Don’t wait and think mentor will find you, a good mentor that want no monetary value from you will not find you, instead you will be the one to find him or her.

Take your product and marketing serious

The secret to make sale is to have better product and better making strategy anything away from this will be a flop.

If you have better product but bad marketing strategy you sale will be low, if you have bad product but good marking strategy your sale will go up at first but nose drive later on.


Above is the business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, and no doubt we have done justice to it the only problem now is you, you need to leave what holding you down and venture into the business of your dream.

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