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Current Day old broiler price: Agrited, Zartech, Amo, CHI and others

Price of Day old chick (DOC) fluctuates in Nigeria, sometime it will be up and sometimes it will be low. It is therefore important for farmer to know the price of DOC before odering and stocking and not only that farmer need to put the price into consideration so as not to run into loss

In this article apart from the price of DOC you will also read the reason DOC price fluctuates in Nigeria and many other information.


Price of Broiler DOC in Nigeria (Today)

Price of day old broiler in Nigeria

Agrited Broilers ₦350 to #650

Zartech Broilers ₦350 to #600


CHI Broilers ₦300 to #550

Sayed Broilers ₦380 to #600

Valentine Broilers ₦320 to #550

Yamfy Broilers. ₦300 ₦500

Amo Broilers ₦350 to ₦550

Chikun Olam Broilers ₦300 to ₦550

Fidan Broilers. ₦350 to ₦600

Day Old Pullets Prices (Today)

Agrited Pullet ₦450 to #600

Zartech Pullet ₦450 to #600

CHI Pullet ₦450 to #600

Amo Pullet ₦450 to #600

Olam Pullet ₦400 to #550

Crown Pullet ₦400 to #550

Nu-Breed Pullet ₦400 to #580

Supreme Pullet ₦400 to 550

Yamfy Pullet ₦400 to #500

Farm Support Pullet ₦400 to #550

Prices of White Cockerel Chicks (Today)

CHI ₦40 to #100

Amo ₦40 to #100

Zartech. ₦40 to #100

Agrited ₦60 to #100

Black Cockerel. ₦250 to #350

Prices of Noiler Chicks Today

Amo Noiler ₦350 to #500

Radar Noiler ₦350 to #450

Sasso Noiler ₦320 to #450

Prices of Turkey Poult Today

Turkey Poult (Foreign) ₦2,900 to ##3,200

Turkey Poult (Local) ₦1,000 to #1,200

Price of four weeks old broiler and Turkey Today

Broiler #1500 to #2,000

Local Turkey. #2,000 to #2,500

Foreign turkey #6,000 to #7,000

Why the fluctuation in price

The price fluctuates as a result of demand and supply, in the festive season like Christmas, Eid-Kabir, people buy chicken a lot therefore farmer will stock a lot of DOC 8 weeks to that time, on seeing that hatchery will increase the price of their DOC.

As soon as the festive season is three to 2 weeks the price will start drooping because no body can raise broiler or other birds to market weight within that time frame leading to low demand.

Where to buy DOC in Nigeria (online)

There are currently two reputable places you can buy your doc online in Nigeria and they are Afrimash and poultry plaza, they deliver to every state in Nigeria except places like Borno. To make your order click here.

Note: these ecommerce are not an hatchery but aggregator, they help their customer book birds directly from hatchery and deliver it themselves.

If you don’t want to order through online you can contact us

Question and answer

How many DOC is in a cartoon?

One carton contain 50 doc plus 1 as a bonus

How much is cartoon of doc broiler?

To know the price of a carton multiply the current price of the doc with 50, you will get the amount but usually it is between #15,000 to #35,000 depending on the season.

What is the minimum DOC to buy

The minimum you can order is 1 cartoon which is 50 plus 1 bonus.

How much is the price of chicken in nigeria

A live broiler is sold for #1,200 to 1,500 per kg
Four weeks boiler is sold at #1,500 to #2,000
While a processed broiler is sold at #1,700 to #2,000 per kg

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