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How to make money with your mobile phone in Nigeria (android phone and iPhone)

Years ago if someone tell me I could make money with my phone I will shut the person down, well the situation has change phone now has more power than they were when they well introduced it is now mobile and smart.

There are a lot of ways to make money with phone in oversea but in Nigeria they are limited thanks to the activities of yahoo boys who make it difficult to make some bucks with phone in Nigeria.

If you jump at this article and wondering what is it all about it purpose is to show you how to make money with your phone in Nigeria we will be listing the quick bucks way and the income way but before we go into it I will like you to take not of the following

Advantage of making money with phone in Nigeria


As the name that come with phone implies you can be anywhere in the world and still earn, it is not confine to a particular location once you are connected with your phone you are good to go

Can be combine with other things

You can take it as side hustle and combine it with other business, this will make you have deferent source of income.

Less labour

Unlike physical business you don’t need to hire people before you can make money but if you want to expand your business you will need to hire some helping hands

Less costly

Making money on phone in Nigeria is less costly with your mobile phone and data you are good to go you don’t need to incur any cost.


If you setup the business well you will continue to make making money while you sleep, though it require great effort at the beginning, once it is in motion it requires less effort

What you need to have before you can make money with your phone in Nigeria

  • IPhone or Android phone
  • Data subscription
  • Power bank
  • Patience
  • Persistence

How to make money on your phone in Nigeria

Now it is time to go into deferent way you can make money. While the way to make quick buck are also listed most of them are way to make an income, also you will need to be patient and persistence before you will see result.

1) Answer survey online

This is quick way to generate money but I will advise you not to take it as income generating method because the money you can earn there is small.

Your job is to answer survey usually design by brand or business on platform like Toluna, clickworker and Ipoll

2) User testing

This look like answer survey but deferent your job is to test app, software and game for developers, you can get a lot of money from this and some even take it as their daily job.

The only but is that it is hard to gain entrance to the platform and if you do you will hardly see a job.

3) Typewriting job

Many companies has a lot of document to type into word but they are too busy to do it so they outsource it to typewriting platform and give out the job to willing individual while the platform takes their percentage. You can also make money here but it is not much.

4) Transcription

In this method you will listen to voice recording on your phone and transcribe it in to words, it is quick way of generating money on your phone.

5) Watching video

Do this only if you have a lot of data your job here is to watch video mostly advertising video and the more you watch the more your money will pile up.

Income method

6) Blogging

This take time before you will get result but if you are patient and consistent you will surely make money from it.

You can do it with your phone using blogger platform once you start getting traffic you can move to WordPress and buy to laptop.

7) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple terms is helping people to sell their product online but you must have a fan s or follower.

You can gather follower by posting pictures and content that will engage people below are the affiliate platform you can use in Nigeria

8) Sell product online

Noting beat selling your own product I know you are scared of capital but you don’t need to have capital what you need to do is to post pictures of goods that you know your fans or follower will buy and when they order it source for it in a shop near you and deliver it make sure you collect money before shipping.

9) Sell courses

If you are good in one skill or the other create courses on it and deliver it through webinar or WhatsApp yes a lot of lecture is now done on WhatsApp, you don’t need to go out of your room with phone, data and power bank you are good to go.

Your skill must not be a high end skill it could be a simple skill on how to create cartoon pictures

10) Create and sell e-product

With little lesson You can make and sell e product like sticker and memes with your phone as long as your creation is funny and low price you will make a sale.

11) Social media manager

Social media is a great marketing channel for marketer and safe haven for influencer but to keep up with the demanding of managing it they need someone to help out which is where you come in.

If you have what it takes to do the job and what it takes is as simple as posting picture and engaging content which I’m sure you use to do in your spare time.

To do it sends a message to popular brand and influencer

12) Freelancing

Freelancing is another way to make money on your phone but you need to have a skill which is not a problem since there are skill you can quickly learn in 6 to 8 month.

Some of freelancing job you can do on your pone are

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Data entry

13) Bitcoin buying and selling

If you have some capital as much as $50 you can start trading bitcoin from the comfort of your home.

Haa, wait is not as simple as that you need to take some courses or find mentor that can teach you if you don’t want to blow your money.

14) Virtual assistant

We are in the world of outsourcing, companies don’t want to waste money on material and equipment that assistant will need so they set out to outsource it. This may require a laptop but most of the job is just to pick call and answer questions.

15) Article writing

This one requires a writing skill and if you don’t have you can learn it, it shouldn’t take you more than 6 month before you will grab the skill.

Once you acquire the skill promote yourself on social media and see its wonder. Once you accept and deliver at least 10 local orders you can move to fiver and upwork.

Which app give real money in Nigeria

Below is the best money making app in Nigeria

Click worker

Click worker is a micro job platform where you can quickly make some bucks, it house a lot of less demanding job such as surveys, app testing, categorizing data, Writing and online research and proofreading.

The only but about click worker is that you can only receive your money with PayPal.


Many people now use there smartphone to snap pictures but they don’t know they can earn money with these pictures.

Foap makes it possible for you to sell your pictures while they take 50% commission but who cares about the commission as long as you are making a lot of money. The less you can make with a photo is $10 to 50$


Toluna is a survey site where you can answer question about product. It is simple to use and they still accept Nigerian by the time of writing this article. Your answer to question will act as a review for business and brand.

Buzz break

This is an entertainment app where you can read, watch video and earn. Though the video is usually an advertising video but who cares as long as it is paying. They also pay into PayPal

Swag bucks

Swag bucks is another app you can make money from as a Nigerian, your job is to answer survey, buy product and read article, in summary to surf the app.

The more you interact with the app the more you will earn.

Instant naira

Instant naira is a money making app made by Nigeria, your job is to complete a daily task and the payment will be send to your bank account every two weeks.


Locket is an advertising company that pays you when you view their ads. How does it work? Locket place ad when you lock your phone screen and when you unlock you will see the ad. You get paid base on number of ad you view per day.

Easy shift

This app is available for in both android and iPhone. Your job is to scan the ban code of a product with the app this will let them know how their product is doing in supermarket.

My likes

My likes is a app that pay you for liking and sharing their post. Most of these posts are adverting post and the more people that engages and view the ad when you share it, the more your money, it is suitable for people with large follower and audience.

Bing program

Bing is search engines just like google, to increase the number of people that uses the platform they set up a rewarding program where you can make money just by searching query every day, imagine what you use to do for free.

Scooper news

Scooper news is a read and earn platform that target Africa, you can make a lot of money form this platform by just reading news.

One news equal five point and you can read as much as 30 news per day, you can also earn by referring people. The point can be converted to money once you reach the withdraw threshold.


Zinoly is like scooper news but not limited, you can read as many news as you can and make your money. You can also earn by referring people to the site. Like scooper news you will also be pay in point which can be redeemed to money.


Above is how to make money with your mobile phone in Nigeria, some will work, while some would have changed their policy such that they don’t accept Nigeria anymore.

Whatever platform you chose to make money from, always have it at the back of your mind that they can ban or block you at any time even Fiver and Upwork.

To reduce these risks use as many platforms as possible.
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