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Jaiz bank transfer (USSD) code: Buy airtime, make transfer

Jaiz bank is one of the bank in Nigeria that do not charge interest on their loan,they operate according to Islamic principle which forbid interest on loan.

Like other banks they allow their curstormers to make transaction, buy airtime and other banking activities with ussd code.


Ever since their establish in 2012 they have been climbing the ladder of success as many people are now porting to the bank because of their efficiency and low charges on any transaction.

But since they are new bank, much is not know about them, their USSD code is not known widely like other banks and this is exact purpose of this article; to show you the ussd code you can use to make transaction, buy airtime and others, and not only that we will aslo do a little review of the bank stay tune.


Jaiz bank ussd code and activation

The ussd code for jaiz bank is *773#, but you can’t make transaction until you activate it and how do you do that?

Dial *773# on your phone

It will prompt you to enter your jaiz bank details go ahead and do so

Note: use your debit card pin for the four digit password.


Once you do this you will be able to make transaction

How to buy airtime from jaiz bank with ussd code

To buy airtime from jaiz bank you can use ussd code or download the mobile app since the mobile app is straightforward we will deal with Ussd code

Dial *773# on the network link to your jaiz bank account and click on airtime
Or simply dial *773* amount # for example, let say you want to load #1000 credit, dial *773*1000# and your newtwork will be credited immediately

If you want to transfer to other network or friends and family also dial *673# and click on “airtime for others” or simply dial *773* amount* phone number* for instance let say you want to transfer #1000 to your friends or to your other network dial *773*1000*08111304024#

How to transfer money with jaiz bank ussd code

You can transfer money with ussd code or download their mobile app, the ussd code is straightforward just dial the code *673# and follow the prompt, for mobile app follow the below steps

Download jaiz bank from playstore or app store

Launch it and create your password

Enter your bank details and create a transaction password

Enter all the details require by the app

Once you do that, You can start sending money to people

How to check jaiz bank account balance

To check your account balance you will also use the ussd code or use jaiz bank mobile app
What you can do with jaiz bank mibike app
Perhaps you don’t fully know all the function of the USSD code below are what you can do with it

  • You can check your account balancebaaknce
  • Make transaction
  • Buy airtime
  • Confirm cheques and stop cheques
  • Block your ATM card

Jaiz bank review

Jaiz bank so far have been doing wonderfully well, they do not charge interest on loan as they stated and their customer care is top notched but what I observed is that their customer base is small compare to other banks therefore we can not really say if they will continue like this once they get more customer

Though any body can use jaiz bank but their target customers are Muslim if you are a Christian they will treat you the same way they treat others customer and this, surely is not a big deal

What is jaiz bank swift code

Before you can make any international transaction you will need to provide swift code or sort code of your bank. For jaiz bank their sort and swift code are JAIZNGLAXXX and the sort code is 301080020.

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