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How to block and unblock Access bank ATM card in less down 5 minutes

As fraudster continue to thrive in Nigeria they have upgrade their business, fraudster can now use your card to buy things online or transfer the money to another bank, the way they do it only God know. Once your card get into their hands you’re finish

But thanks to bank like Access bank, they make provisions for things like this, you can block your Access bank instantly once you notice unauthorised transaction or when you see that something is wrong and you know what it won’t take more down five minutes for your I,d card to be block.


So how do you do that? That is the exact purpose of this article and not only that you will be reading deferent reason you need to block your card and other important question you might have

Blocking ATM card what does it mean

Blocking card means you are rendering it useless nobody can make transaction with it until it get unblock by bank


Why you need to block your ATM card

The only reason most people think they need to block their ATM card is when it got missing well this one of the reason, check the point below to see more reasons, who know you might be sleeping with fire on the roof

Missing card
If you notice your card is missing perhaps you forget it inside a card or it get stolen the first action is to block it, before It get into the hand of fraudster.

Phishing website 
If you enter your card detail in a phishing website you need to quickly block your card, phishing website are clone of the original site, for instance fraudster might clone jumia and you might not know you will think it is jumia but it is fake, once you enter your card details on the fake platform you are in trouble, blocking your ATM card as fast as possible is the only solution.

Your card get stuck inside ATM
If your card get stuck inside ATM and you will jot be available to retrieve it the next day you need to block the card, who know the bank official in charge may be careless and misplace your card to avoid his block your card straight a way.


Ways to block your Access bank ATM card

There are many ways to block your ATM card and they are

  • Through USSD code
  • Through mobile banking
  • Through customer care
  • By visiting bank branch

Blocking Access bank ATM card through USSD code

This is the most easiest of all the ways, you don’t need to visit any bank just a click on your phone you will block your Access bank atm card instantly.

Dial the code *901*11 on your phone
It will prompt you to input your bank no and other details

Once you do that, click “send” your atm card will be automatically block you will no longer be able to perform any transaction with the card.

Blocking access bank ATM card through mobile banking

Login to your Access bank mobile app, if you don’t have it head over to playstore or app store download it and register.

Once you login locate and click on ” cards and cheques”

Click on manage cards then click on block

Enter your pin and other card details

That’s it you have block your Access bank ATM card.

Blocking your access bank by calling their customer care

Another way to block your card is to contact customer care, Access bank has deferent customer care channel you can explore and they are

Access Bank Phone no

234 1 733 2000
+234 1 280 2500
+234 1- 2712005- 7 (For card queries and inquiries).
0700 22552 22377 (0700CALLACCESS)

Access Bank Social media handler



Acces bank Email address
address: [email protected]

Access bank website

Blocking Access bank ATM card by visiting their bank branch

Though this is strenuous but it is effective if you have Access bank branch in your location go there and ask them to block your card, you will need to fill some form once you do that your ATM card will be block.

How to unblock your access bank ATM card
You might later find out that your ATM card is not stolen or find it in an absurd place then you might want to unblock your Access bank ATM card

Requirement to unblock your ATM card

Before you can unblock your Access bank ATM card you need to meet the below requirement

  • You will provide your phone number
  • Your bank details
  • Your ATM card  details

Once you have this you are good to go.
Steps to unblock your ATM card.

Visit any Access bank branch in your location

Tell them you want to unblock your ATM card

They will give you a form to fill

The form will contain the following

Place to write your full name

  • Your account number
  • Your card details
  • Your signature.

This is all you need to do to unblock your Access bank ATM card

How long does it take to unblock your Access bank ATM card.

Since we are dealing with bank and you know how bank can be slow sometimes, so give them 24hrs your ATM card will be activated.


Above is how to block your Access bank ATM card in case of theft, lost and other, the method above is simple to follow especially USSD code and mobile app but if it fail then you need to visit Access bank branch

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