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How to make cockerel and broiler grow faster or big easily

Broiler and cockerel are the most demand when poultry meat is concern. Even with the importation of this product demand of people has not been meet, they keep demanding for more but in this demand big broiler or cockerel are given preference.

Everybody likes big things, which is a good thing for farmer because it will also increase their profit but what to do when it is hard to provide big cockerel or broiler in a stipulated time.

For broiler you need to crop your bird between 6 to 8 weeks if you are going for processing, any thing above this week might result in a loss. While cockerel farmer will want their cockerel to be ready in 4 to 5 months to reduce cost and maximize profit. But how are they going to do it?

This question and other information about cockerel and broiler growth will be answered extensively in this article so stay tune.

What you need to consider

Before you increase your birds growth rate you need to know your target market for instance if you want to sell to final consumer which means you will sell your birds live.

Your broiler would spend noting less down 8 weeks and cockerel would spend nothing less down 4 months. In this period of rearing, you must give them feed that will correspond to the weight you want or else you might run at a loss.

Your target market will dictate the weight of your flocks so get it right before you speed your birds growth process.


Growing cockerel or broiler fast will require capital and labour because you will have to increase their feed and feeding rate
If you are planning to make your birds attain weight quickly endeavour to buy calcium drug like Calciplus because the heaviness of thier body will be too much for the tender leg.

Ensure you have a specious pen, because you will be doing seperation a lot.

Feed and water
As youvknow feed and water is the life blood of broiler and cockerel if you want to have faster growth rate you need to make this available, they should not suffer before they drink water or feed.

Having put above point into consideration, it is time to go into how to increase your cockerel and broiler growth rate.

1) Use good feeder

He the first thing to do is to purchase feeder that does not waste feed, most time reduction in growth rate of birds is caused by the wastage of feed. If you can curb this your birds will eat feed better and convert it well.

Group your broiler or cockerel
There is no way you want to do it, some of your birds will be bigger than the others that’s why you need to sperate them into deferent group according to their size. Bigger bird will prey on the smaller therefore limiting the smaller birds feeding.

Once you sperate them into group according to size this will stop and each group will have a uniform growth. In fact you will be able to monitor the smaller ones.

Types of feed
Importance of feed can not be over emphasize if you want good growth rare you need to purchase premium feed like New Hope, Ultimal and the likes, though they may be cost but you will surely see the profit. A way to reduce the cost is to formulate your birds yourself and process it.

We can help you with the broiler and cockerel formula for a small price while you source for the ingredient, mix with shovel or take it to feed mill.

Healthy bird are big birds
Do you want a faster growth rate, then make your birds healthy, a sick bird will not consume feed therefore leading to weight loss. One of the way to reduce disease in your farm is to tighten your biosecurity; do not allow people to enter your farm anyhow, have foot deep, and the likes.

Feed ad libitum
If you want a faster growth rate you need to feed your broiler ad libitum (all the time) for cockerel you can feed three times a day. The point is to ensure that they feed well because birds are just a converter, it is the feed they will convert to flesh.

Provide Space
Do not jampack your birds into small pen, they will have low growth rate if you do because they won’t be able to exercise therefore leading to low digestively. Space give room for birds to grow faster but too much of room cab also hinder the birds growth rate, you can talk to an animal scientist for specific pen length for your birds.

Buy your cockerel or broiler from a reputable source

The pillar of fast growth rate is your DOC, if you source from bad hatchery your bird might not grow to your satisfaction. Buy from reputable hatchery like zarthec, AMO and the likes, their birds are good, they will give you good feed conversion ratio.


Before you fasten the growth rate of your broiler or cockerel ensure you know your target market and what they want to avoid unnecessary problem.
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