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How to block GTBank ATM card quickly

Withdrawing money from bank account is now easy since the advent of ATM card you don’t need to go to bank before you can withdraw, there are many POS around that you can withdraw from.

Like other bank Gtbank also give ATM card to their customer once they open account with them and with this card you can withdraw and make transaction.


At site of activating the card you will create a pin that should only be know by you, but it has Ben proven that fraudster can hack the ATM card, if they get hold of an ATM card they will hack it in order to know the pin and other details.

To prevent this situation we decided to write this guide to help you block your ATM card immediately when stolen or lost

Ways to block your Gtbank ATM card

Before the only option for people to block their card is to go and make a complain in the bank and you will agree with me that takes a lot of time, before reaching your bank the scammer would have remove all your money.


Thanks to tech advancement Gtbank has produce other way you can quickly block your ATM card even without leaving your room. This ways are

  • SMS
  • USSD code
  • Mobile banking
  • Calling customer care


Blocking your Gtbank ATM card through SMS is one of the easy and quick way, what you need to do is to send the following text on the sim link to your gtbank account

Hotlist (your account number here) to 08076665555

E.g Hotlist 08110809099
To 08076665555

Once you send it, you will receive an acknowledge message from gtbank, at that point your ATM card has been blocked.

Blocking gtbank ATM card with USSD code

This is another way to block your card it is also easy and quick but you must be careful with this method because with USSD code you are blocking and restricting both your account and ATM card all together which means you can’t receive or make any transaction.

To use the code dial *737*51*74 on your phone

It will bring a prompt where you will enter your phone number link to the account and your card pin

Once you do this your ATM card will be block immediately.

Of course you will need to activate it back, to do that head over to gtbank branch in your location they will help you out

Blocking gtbank ATM card through internet banking

You can also block your card through gtbank internet banking but there is a little problem here you need to have register on the website before you can use it.

If you are register already follow the procedure below to block your ATM card

  • Login to with your details
  • Click on the menu icon and search for ‘card and cheques’ click on the card
  • After that click on Hotist card
  • You will be prompt to enter the card number and reason you want to block the card
  • The next thing is to answer a security question set when opening the intwrynt banking
  • Click on continue and enter your token code
  • Click on continue again and that is it, you have block your ATM card

The process is long isn’t it, I will advice you to use this method if other method fail.

Blocking your Gtbank ATM card by calling customer care

In other to curb the activities of fraudster and to protect customer gtbank give out calling option, you can call the GTbank card service to blok your ATM card it is fast and quick.

Below is the number to call


How long does it take to block gtbank ATM card

Blocking gtbank ATM card is instant once you get any of the above procedure right, your card will be block immediately

Why you need to block your ATM card

There are deferent reason to block your card but most of it, is because of theft or lost which is very common.

There are numerous cases of people losing their hard earn money because they lose their card or it was stolen.

Gone are the days when scammer need your pin before they can make transaction with ATM card, the CVV number is enough for them to carry out transaction.

What to do to prevent card lost or theft

To prevent the hassle that comes with card blocking you need to take care of your card well always put it where it is safe.


Above is how to block your gtbank ATM card in case of theft or lost. You should try all the method untill you get the one that work.

Once you block the card you won’t be able to make any transaction with it again. To get another card go to Gtbank branch, you will be given new card.

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