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Investing review: is it legit, how does it work

Allegro-task is another online platform where you can make money, unlike other platform that are country specific this one is open to all people all over the world.

You can make more than $50 per day from this platform though it depend on your Investment packages and you don’t need to leave your location with your smart phone you will make money.


Requirement to make money on

Before you can make money with this investment platform you need to meet up with the following requirement and they are

Have smart phone with which you will use to sign up and login


Have money to invest

Have internet connection

How to register on

The first step to take is to head over to the website

Register with your name, email and other details


Once you are done with registration, you will be login to your dashboard

There you will see investment option
click it, make deposit and wait for your money to work for you

How does work

The main way to make money from this platform is to invests money.

On your dashboard you will be given daily task such as clicking on “take order”. As you are clicking you will be making some money, but it is a peanut co compare to Investment.

Other way to make money from allegro-task. shop

Other way to make money from this platform is through referral. If you invest one person you will be given $25 and the person you refer will be given $35, isn’t that good, in fact I prefer this to investing.

To get the referral code, login to your dashboard

Locate and click on invite friends

You will be shown a link

That is your referral link, you can share it with friends

When was allegro-task establish

The site was launch in 2020, though many speculate that it has been in existence since 1999

How to withdraw on

To withdraw head over to your dashboard and click on withdraw options, there you will see options like bit coin or tether. Click on one and connect you wallet to it.

Is allegro-task legit

Though many people have make money from this platform and many are still making I will advice you to exercise caution.

If you are going to make investment, invest what you can lose as to avoid had I know.

Our final verdict on

Allegro task founder is unknown, this should be a cause for concern though may people have make money from the platform you should exercise caution in fact I will like you to test them out with referral If you are able to make money and withdraw then go ahead to invest what you know if you loose you will not have heartache.

Though you will perform task on Allegro-task the real way they make money is through ponzi, it is a network just that you don’t need to force people to use the platform before you will earn.


Above is Information about allegro-task.ship, as stated in one of the section above, exercise caution when dealing with this Investment platform. Invest what you can lose.

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