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Wealth.ng review: is it legit, sign in and login

Wealth.ng is an investment platform where you can make cool money in nigeira. It is one of the best investment platform in Nigeria, you dont need to work, and no skill is required from you, just your phone or laptop, money and you will start making money per day, week or month.

With wealth.ng you can make up to 20% ROI depending on the amount of investment package you enroll for.


Requirement to invest on wealth.ng

Before you can invest on this platform there some requirement you need to meet up with which are

  • Have I’D card
  • You will take your picture
  • Have smart phone with which to navigate the site.
  • Have email and other details.

How to invest on wealth.ng

The first step to take is to head over to wealth.ng

Register with your name, email and other details


Once you are done with registration you will be login to your dashboard

There you can select investment plan you want and invest.

Types of investment plan on wealth.ng

There are many investment plan on wealth.ng that you can invest in, they varies in cost and profit.

You can get more than 20% in some, while you will get lower than that in other.

Below are the types of investment plans on wealth.ng

Here you will invest on stocks of a top performing country the amount you will pay and profit you will make depend on the types of money you invest on.

If the company perform well you will make more profit and if it is other wise you will bear the brunt.

Fixed income
In fixed income, you will invest your money for a fixed time, such as month, years. The ROI is also fixed, if there any inflation in the country your ROI will not change, it will stay the same. In this investment type you can make above 15% ROI.

Real estate
In this investment types you will invest on real estate asset, once it grow in value and wealth.ng decided to sell it, you will make your profit.

The only problem with this is that it is not fixed , also of might take time before wealth.ng sell the asset. You can make up to 20% ROI on this investment type.

This is one of the best performing investment scheme on wealthng. Here you will invest on agriculture production and once a cycle is complete you will get your ROI, the cycle of agriculture is usually less than 1 year.

You can make up to 22% ROI on this platform depending on the type of agricultural activities you invest on.

Wealth.ng contacts

Address: 33B, Cameron Road, Off Alfred Rewane, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: 0700 9325 8464

Website: www.wealth.ng

Is wealth.ng legit

Yes, this Investment platform is legit, they are license by CBN and insured NDIC but ensure you invest what you can afford to lose to prevent had I know. Most of this investment platform can not be full trusted.


Above is how to invest and make money on wealth.ng. The amount of ROI you will make depend on the amount of money you invest and the type of investment plan

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