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Investing forum investment: is it legit or scam, is still paying

Boompay is an investment platform where you can make money, it is like any other investment platform in Nigeria such as NNU, racksterli and others. You down need to have any skill or knowledge with your phone you are good to go.

This article is all about is it legit or scam are they still paying and other question you might have about this investment platform.


Requirement to make money on

Have smart phone with which to browse the platform

Have Internet connection


Have money with which to invest

How to sign up or login to

To Invest head over to

Register with your name, email and other details


Once you are done with registration you will be login to your dashboard

There you will see deferent investment package

On your dashboard again you will see option to invest your money.

How boompay investment work

Boompay investment is like many other investment platform out there you will be given task to perform and every time you finish this task you will be rewarded with money but you will not be able to withdraw your earning until you invest.

You will also earn money on your investment.

How to withdraw and invest money on

You can invest and withdraw in Niara you don’t need to convert your money. To withdraw tap the menu on your dashboard you will see withdrawer option click it and set up your bank account. You will do the same when investing.

When was boompay establish as been in existence for more than 1 years. But the owner of this platform is still unknown which is typical of many investment platform out there.

Is boompay still paying

Yes Boompay investment is still paying but they are not consistence some people are not been paid while some are been paid.

Is legit or scam

Boompay is still paying but with the way they are going they might soon stop paying, so right now we can not classify them as scam or legit we will continue to watch them.

As soon as we found any thing about them we will update this page.

Our final verdict about

Boompay investment platform is still paying but i will advice you to exercise caution when dealing with this platform, like other investment platform in Nigeria there is tendency that they will crash.

If you are going to Invest with them invest only what you can afford to loose in order to avoid had I know


Above is boompay review, as you can see they are still paying, yet I will advice you to invest only what you can afford to loose, to avoid hard I know and heartache.

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