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Hybitrage.com review: is it legit or scam, login, sigin up

Hybitrage is another platform where you can make quick money in Nigeria. You don’t need any knowledge or skill to make money on this platform what you need is your phone and money then you will start making cool cash.

With this platform you can make more than #50,000 per day depending on the amount of money you invest.


But is it legit? Read on to know

What is hybitrage and how does it work

Hybitrage is trading site where you can buy dollar in normal price and sell at black market price. The more dollar you buy and sell the more you will keep making money from this platform.

How to sign up or sign in on hybitrage

The first step to take is to head over to their website (hybitrage.com)


Register with your name and other details.
Once you are done with registration you will be login to your dashboard

There you will see option to buy and sell currency like USD, GBP and Euro

Other way to make money on hybitrage.com

The other way to make money on hybitrage, is through referral. Whenever you refers some one you will earn 10% commission.

Whenever that person make profit you will be given 10% of that profit. Isn’t that good. To start referring

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the menu icon, locate and click on referral
  • There you will see a link
  • Copy it and start sharing it to people

How to withdraw on hybitrage.com

To withdraw click menu icon on your dashboard

Click on withdraw tab

There you will see amount of money you can withdraw

After initiating withdraw

Wait for 48 hrs and your account will be credited

Where is hybitrage located

Hybitrage location is currently unknown, and the owner is not also know which is a red flg. Once will have information about them we will update this page.

Is hybitrage.com legit

Hybitrage is still new, therefore we can not say if this platform is legit or not. There is no much information about them online.

Our final verdict on hybitrage.com

Hybitrage.com is still new and as such we cannot say if they are legit or not. Though some people are already making money from this platform, I will advice you to exercise caution when dealing with this platform. Do not obtain more than you can afford to lose to avoid story that touch.

Most of this platform always end been fake, but let observe this one for a while once we get any information about them we will update this article, before then take caution.


Above is how to make money on hybitrage.com by buying and selling of currency.

As stated above take caution when dealing with them. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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