Active white lotion review: how good it is

Active white lotion is produce by a company in Philippines. It will light up your skin uniformly, all the harden part of your skin like elbow, knee and others will be light. The cream work very fast within two weeks of using the cream, you will start noticing positive changes on your skin.

It will clear off any skin problem you might have such as melasma, freckles, dark head , pimples and others and it will do it very fast. It is one of the best cream out there. It does not contain harmful substance so you have noting to worry about.

It will enrich your skin with vitamin c and cure skin discoloration. It will make your skin fresh always by conserving skin moisture, this also help to prevent skin dryness.


It will clear of dark spot on your skin including sun burn and age spot. It will exfoliate your skin such that it give way to new and radiant skin. It can be use by any skin types including sensitive skin and dark skin types.

This article is all about active white lotion: side effect, how to use and other questions you might have about the cream, stay tune

Benefit of active white lotion

Below are the benefit you will experience if you use this body lotion


It will moisturise your skin
The first benefit of this cream is that it will moisturise your skin, conserve it and this help to prevent the skin from drying out, it will also help to refresh skin at all time.

It will light up your skin
Another benefit of this body lotion is that it will light up your skin and it will do it very fast. All the harden part of your skin such as elbow, knee, and others will be light up such that you have uniform skin.

It will clear off skin problems
If you have skin problem like melasma, dark head, pimples and others this cream will clear it off in short time leaving your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.


It will clean up your skin
Another benefit of this cream is that it will clean up your skin, remove dead skin cell and dirt, it will also go deep to the skin pores and clean it up thereby making your skin smooth and soft.

Side effect of active white lotion

Below are the side effect you might encounter while using this cream.

If your skin is dark you might experience skin disloyalty so for the first four weeks it will later go away but if it does not you should drop the cream.


It causes skin redness
This cream can cause skin redness especially if you have fair skin. If you detect this on your skin, reduce it usage or drop the cream

How to use active white lotion

Pour some of the lotion on your palm and massage it gently to your skin until absorbed. To have better result only use the cream during the cool hour off the day. Also wash your hand before you use the cream to prevent contamination.

Question and Answer

How good is active white lotion cream
Active white lotion cream is very good, it will light up your skin and make it smooth


Does active white lotion contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Does active white lotion bleach the skin
No, it does not bleach the skin

Is active white lotion good for fair skin
Yes active white lotion is good for fair skin and other skin types


Price of active white lotion in Nigeria
The price of active white lotion is between #2,500 to #3,000 depending on your location and the seller.

Where to buy active white lotion in Nigeria
To by original active white lotion head over to jumia

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