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Pure glycerine soap review: benefit, does it remove dark spot

Pure glycerine soap is the go to if you want to have a radiant skin. The soap is made from natural ingredients that will make your skin smooth and soft. It does not contain any colourants or harmful substance.

Pure soap also double as medicated soap, It will clear off any skin problem you might have such as eczema, pimples, melasma, freckles, dark head and others and it will do it very fast leaving your skin smooth and soft.


It can be use by any skin types including sensitive skin types. The soap is not cost, it is sold between R20 to R40 depending on your location and the seller.

Pure glycerine soap will moisturise your skin, conserve skin moisture which help to prevent skin dryness. It will also help refresh your skin.


This article is all about pure glycerine soap review: benefit, side effect and other question you might have about the soap.

Benefit of pure soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this soap

Light up your skin
Many people don’t know this, pure glycerin soap can actually light up your skin though it will not bleach it, it will make your skin complexion even.

It clear of dark spot
Pure glycerine soap is spot removal it will clear off any dark spot on your skin, though it might take time it will surely remove it.


It moisturise your skin
It will conserve your skin moisture so as to prevent skin dryness and flakiness. If you have dry skin this soap is your best bet. It will also help to refresh your skin at all times.

It clear off skin problem
Another benefit of this soap is that it will clear off skin problem such as eczema, freckles, pimples melasma and others.

Clean up your skin
It will remove dirt on your skin surface including dead skin cell. It will also go into the skin pores and remove the clogs leaving your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.

Side effect of pure glycerine soap

Pure soap does not really have side effect, just that you might experience skin discolouration at the first two week of using the soap especially if you have sensitive skin, it will later go away but if it does not you should drop the soap.

How to use pure glycerine soap

Rub the soap with water such that it form lather, massage this lather to your skin. To have better result ensure you wash your hand before you use the soap to prevent contamination.

Pure glycerine soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up pure glycerine soap

Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Aqua.

Questions and Answer

How good is pure glycerine soap
Pure glycerine soap is very good, it will make your skin smooth and soft.

Does pure soap remove dark spot
Yes, it will clear off dark spot on your skin
Does pure soap contain hydrowuinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Does pure soap lighten skin
Yes, it will light up your skin but it will not bleach it

Does Pure soap clear off acne
Yes, pure soap will clear off any acne on your skin

Is pure soap good for face
Yes you can use pure soap for your face

Price of pure soap in dischem, clicks and shoprite

Pure soap price is between R20 to R40

Where to buy pure soap in South Africa
To buy original pure soap head over to Amazon or clicks

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