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Johnson baby lotion review: side effect, how to know original

Do you want your baby skin to be smooth and soft? Johnson baby lotion is your best bet, it will not bleach your baby skin but will maintain the skin colour. It work very fast within two weeks of using the cream you will start noticing positive changes on your baby skin.

It is made by one of the popular cosmetic company called Johnson, this company have been in cosmetic business for more than 125 years. Johnson baby lotion is pareben free, and it does not contain harmful substance, so you have nothing to worry about.

It will clear of any skin problem that might be on your baby skin, also it will clean up and remove clogs, there by making your baby skin smooth and soft.

It is one of the best baby cream. It is not cost with #2,000 you will buy the cream but ensure you buy from a reputable source to avoid buying the fake ones.

Johnson baby skin can also be use by adult but don’t expect this cream to light up your skin, though it can maintain it.

Benefit of Johnson baby soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy while using this body lotion

It will maintain your baby skin
As stated in the introduction, Johnson baby lotion will not light up you baby skin, it will only maintain the skin tone. It will make it smooth and soft

It will clear off skin problem
Another advantage of this lotion is that it has antibacterial property , any skin problem on your baby skin will be clear off in short time.

It will clean up your baby skin
Johnson baby lotion will clean up your baby skin, it will remove dirt and excess oil. Also it will go down to the skin pores and remove clogs thereby making your skin clean and radiant.

It will tighten skin pores
One of the the causes of skin infection is loose pores. With Johnson lotion you can say bye to this. It will tigehtn your skin pores, which will make it hard for microorganism to penetrate.

Side effect of Johnson lotion

Below are the side effect you might encounter while using the soap

It will light up your baby skin
If you desire a cram that will light up your baby skin, this cream is not for you. It will only maintain your skin tone.

It does not smell nice
If your desire is great smell, this lotion is not for your. Johnson lotion does not have great smell. Well you can complement it with perfume.

How to use Johnson baby cream

Rub some of the lotion on your palm and apply it gently to your baby skin. To have better result ensure you wash your hand before touching the cream to prevents contamination.

Also only use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Johnson baby lotion ingredients

Below are the ingredient that makes up Johnson baby lotion.

Water*, Glycerin*, Isopropyl Palmitate*, Stearic Acid*, Glyceryl Sterate*, Cetyl Alcohol*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Dimethicone, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 20, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate*, Fragrance, Carbomer, p-Anisic Acid*, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan Gum*, Ethylhexylglycerin, Titanium Dioxide* *naturally-derived ingredients

Question and Answer

How good is Johnson baby lotion
Johnson baby cream is very good, it will make your baby skin smooth and soft.

Is Johnson baby lotion good for adult
Yes, Johnson baby lotion is good for adults, but it will not light up your skin.

Does Johnson baby lotion contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydrowuinone

Does johnson baby lotion lighten skin
No, It does not lighten skin

Is Johnson baby lotion good for dark skin
Yes, you can use Johnson baby lotion for dark skin

How to know original Johnson baby lotion
To know original cream is difficult unill you buy it, your best bet is to buy from a reputable source.

Price of Johnson baby cream in Nigeria
Price of Johnson baby lotion between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the seller and your location

Where to buy Johnson baby lotion in Nigeria
To buy original Johnson baby lotion head over to jumia

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