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E45 lotion review: benefit, price and does it lighten skin

Easy glow lotion is a skin brightening cream, it will not bleach your skin but will light it up, all the stubborn part of your skin like elbow, knee and others will be light up such that you have even complexion.

It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It does not contain harmful substance like mercury and hydroquinone, so you have nothing to worry about.

It will cure any skin infection you might have such as melasma, freckles, pimples, and others it will also prevent the occurrence of this skin problem.

Easy glow lotion will help remove dark spot and also clear off sun burn on your skin. It work very fast within three weeks of using this cream you will notice positive changes on your skin and do you know what, it is affordable, not that expensive with #5, 000 you will buy the cream but ensure you buy from reputable source to avoid buying the fake ones.

It will exfoliate your skin such that it give way to new and bright skin. This cream is your best bet if you want to have a light skin
This article is all about easy glow lotion: side effect, price and any other question you might have about the lotion

Benefit of easy glow lotion

Most of it benefit have been stated above but it will be further expatiate in this section

It will light up your skin
As stated in the introduction, this lotion will not bleach your skin, but will light it up such that you have uniform skin. It will increase your skin tone while making it soft. If you have dark skin, this lotion will light it up slightly.

It will moisturise your skin
Easy glow lotion will conserve your skin moistures and this help to prevent skin dryness. It will also help refesh your skin at all times.

It will clear of oil on your skin
If you have oily skin, this cream is for you. It is a widely accepted that skin oil have a large impact to play on is skin infection., with easy glow lotion this can be prevented.

It will clean up your skin
Another benefit of this lotion is that it will clean up your skin, it will remove clogs on your skin surface, make it smooth and soft.

It will clear off any skin problem
Easy glow lotion will clear of any skin problem you might have such as pimples, melasma, freckles, and it will do it very fast.

It will clear off dark spot and sunburn
Easy glow also help to clear off dark spot on the skin, as well as sun burn. It will light the place up such that it become even with the rest of the skin.

Side effect of easy glow lotion

Easy glow lotion does not have much side effect, just that you might experience excessive sweat while using the cream and I think this is typical of all premium cream. To prevent this use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

How to use easy glow lotion

Rub some of the cream on your palm, and massage it gently to your skin. To have better result wash your hand before you use the cream to prevent contamination. also use the cream during the cool hour of the day

Easy glow lotion ingredients

Below are the Ingredients, that makes up easy glow lotion

Glutathione Injection, Gluta-C 220000mg injection, Glutamine, Aqua, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Sulfate, Mulberry Root Extract, Licorice Extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Rosemarinus, EDTA and Perfume.

Question and Answer

How good is easy glow lotion
Easy glow lotion is very good, it will make your skin smooth and soft

Does easy glow cream contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Is easy glow lotion good for fair skin
Yes, easy glow lotion is good for fair skin and other skin types

Is easy glow lotion good for dark skin
Yes, easy glow lotion is good for dark skin and other skin types

How to know original easy glow lotion
It is hard to now original easy glow lotion, your best bet is to buy from reputable source

Easy glow lotion price in Nigeria
Easy glow lotion is sold between #5,000 to #6,000 in Nigeria

Where to buy easy glow lotion in Nigeria
To buy original easy glow lotion head over to Jumia or konga

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