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Temu com review: is Temu com legit or scam

Temu is an ecommerce where you can buy goods like: Leather Wallet Case, Apple Watch, Pattern Small Wallet, Baguette Bag With Chain, ect category with Women’s Phone Case Envelope Book Design Leather Wallet Case, Red Nylon Elastic Braided Watch Strap For Apple Watch Series 38/40/41/42/44/45mm, Fashion Women’s Houndstooth Pattern Small Wallet, Multi-card Slot Card Holder, V Quilted One-shoulder Baguette Bag With Chain Decor.

According to their who’s recode they have been in busines since 2003, but it was recently they become popular.


This article is all about temu.com review; what they do, is it legit or scam and other question you might have about the website

Product category on temu.com

Temu is a retailer website they deal in goods like; Leather Wallet Case, Apple Watch, Pattern Small Wallet, Baguette Bag With Chain, ect

Option for Payment on temu

Like many ecommerce website out there you can also pay with the following method on temu
Paypal, Visa, Discover, Google pay, Apple pay


Temu delivery time

The delivery time in temu defers, since it is a marketplace, the delivery time depend on the seller you are buying from. But you need to state clearly where you reside.

Most of the time the goods would have reach your country but the local shipping company might delay it.

Temu return policy

Like many ecommerce out there you can also return whatever you buy on temu within the period of 90 days. Once you initiate a return on the site you are left with 14 days to return that good.

For the first return the cost is borne by Temu but the subsequent one will be borne by the seller.

Temu review on the internet

Temu has both positive and negative review on the internet, recently they have gear up effort, people are now having positive review about this ecommerece.

Below are some of the review

Lori Green

“I just made two small purchases & I’m wondering about Temu & if they’re a legit company. I hope that I receive my purchases & I will be willing to give a good review. Come through for us Temu!”


“I have made purchases there and the products arrived in five days. It’s super good price”

As you can see many people have purchased goods on the platform.

Is temu.com legit or scam

Temu is a legit website, they have SSL certificate in place and many people have bought goods from the platform. Most of their negative review online happens many years a go, now they have gear up their effort.

But take caution when buying goods from this website. You can test them out with small goods if you are able to receive it you can go ahead and buy more product from this website.


Above is temu review, as you can see they are legit, many people have buy product from this website but exercise caution when buying from them.

Type in your address correctly so that they will not miss it and read review of product before buying it.

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