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Tkl online revenue review: Is it legit, is it a scam?, How does it works and more

Tkl online revenue is an online money making platform where you earn by taking a task every day.

It was created in 2017 by a group of developer and since then it continue to spread among the youth. As at the time of writing this review Tkl online revenue is only available for south African, but the developer promise to take it to country like Nigeria, Kenyana and Ghana.


In this article you will learn everything about TKl online revenue: how it works, the amount you can earn, withdraw and the main point, is tkl online revenue legit, stay tune

How does Tkl online revenue works

Tkl is very simple and this is how it works


Tkl is like a group helping platform but in this case individual don’t have to refer any body what they need to do is to register with R300 and start taking a daily task such as clicking picture and other online task.

How much you can earn from TKl online revenue

The amount you can earn depend on the level you are. If you are a beginner you can only take task that can give you R 12 per day while in some level you can earn as much as R30 per day. Below is the level on tkl and their revenue

One star VIP : You will register with R300, You can earn up to R12

Two star VIP: You will register with R800, You can earn up to R15 per day


Three star VIP: You will register with R2000, You can earn up to R18 per day

Four star VIP:You will register with R5000, You can earn up to R122

Five star VIP: You will register with R20,000, You can earn up to R26 per day

Though referral is not compulsory but if you want to earn more you need to refer people.

Amount to withdraw on Tkl

Before, you can withdraw as low as R100 but now you can only withdraw minimum of R200.

How to register for tkl online revenue and login

To register follow the below procedure

Head over to tkl online revenue website and register with your name, email and create a password

In the process of signing up you will be sent otp which you will use to complete your sgin up process, ensure you use android phone for better result.

Login to your tkl dashboard

Once you register you will automatically logging to your dashboard where you will deposit money for activation. For starter level you will need to deposit R300 and start taking task.

Who is the owner of Tkl online revenue

Right now the owner of this money earning platform is not known we promise to fish the person out as soon as possible.

Is tkl online revenue legit

This is the main purpose of this article to show if tkl online review is legit, As of now the website is legit and working fine , they have good security in place (SSL certificate) and they are paying.

But there have been numerous complain of the site not paying some people, these people initiate withdraw but they are not credited and some are worry that the platform might crash soon.

Below are the complain of some of these people

“I came across an offer on freecash,blackout bingo.I completed the offer made a deposit andplayed 25 matches.Iwaited for the 24 hour period to pass and it said contact support.When i got a message from them it said request denied.Now i feel like im being scammed into spending money.I want my credit for this offer.Someone needs to make this right.Also i need information on reporting this deceitfult company.Thank You.”

“This is a scam that has run away with people’s hard earned money,they started kind of well but suddenly end with heart broken masses.. run away from this scam”

While some are complaining, some are praising the platform

“Tkl is helping people like me I need it, it’s not a scam, scam don’t pay back, the whole thing is a big misunderstanding, I got plan with Tkl Avenue”

Our verdict is that Tkl revenue is paying but not to everybody therefore we will advice you to deposit money that you can’t be angryabout if lose it.

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