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Review: is chipper cash legit, what is chipper cash and other questions

Before the advent of chipper cash, to transfer money from one African country to another is a herculean task if not impossible but thanks to chipper cash we can now send money not only within Africa but throughout the world.

What is chipper cash?

Chipper cash in simple terms help individual and business to make local and international transaction and not only that there is also option for you to invest in business and buy share.

Chipper cash was founded by two African which are Maijid Moujaled and Ham serunjogi native of Ghana and Senegal respectively when they observed that to send money within Africa is near impossible, they took the task upon themselves and incorporate Chipper cash in 2018 in San Francisco since then the company have secure more than 30 million dollar investment with Jeff Bezos part of the investor.

The purpose of this article is to answer all the question you might have about Chipper cash such as is Chipper cash legit, chipper cash registration an d other question you might have.

Is chipper cash legit or real

During our research on Chipper cash what we find that can point to it been legit currently is that it is incorporated in San Francisco like many other tech startup in Nigeria and so far all the startup incorporated there pass the legit score, San Francisco will never allow incorporation without due diligence they will never incorporated a scam and if such happen the have mechanism in place to check mate it.

Reviews and ratings

So far they have a positive review online and for the fact that Jeff Bezos invest in the company, it means it won’t go down easily.

Below are chipper cash ratings

They have 4.2/5 rating on play store with good review

They have 4.3/5 on app store with good review.

They have 4.3/5 rating on app grove with more than 52k reviews

Work with WEMA bank

Once you open account with chipper cash you will be given WEMA bank account, I think this further proof that they are legit, since Nigeria bank who is regulated by CBN is involve.

All the same I will advise you to tread with care, Fintech is a new arena in African, there will be rising and falling; It won’t be good if one fall with your money. What am saying is do not invest all your money in any of the platform.

Advantage of using chipper cash

Chipper cash comes with a lot of function to make transaction convenient for you. The advantages are

As at the time of writing this article transaction on chipper cash is free, you don’t have to pay a transaction fee and you know what your transaction is unlimited.

Though I think the free transaction is just to draw customer time will tell.

You can make transaction in dollar; on chipper cash you can generate virtual dollar card that you can use to pay Facebook ads, google ads and other online platform that require dollar.

You can buy local and foreign share with the app

You can buy bitcoin and convert it to local currency, at the time of writing this article it is no longer available to Nigeria.

Function/ product of chipper cash

Money transfer

This is their primary purpose, you can transfer money within Nigeria and to other African country with no fee or limit.

Not only for individual, business and company can also use chipper cash to make transaction.

Virtual card

To reduce all friction associate with transaction in Nigeria such as making payment on a foreign website which accept only dollar, chipper cash develop an option for you to generate a virtual card which you can use to pay for any goods purchase online

You can buy crypto and convert it to local currency.

Pay bill

You can pay your bill easily on Chipper cash; you can even buy airtime of your choice.


There is a function on chipper cash that allow you to invest in share.


Chipper cash release their API for developer so that they can integrate with other app or website that want to receive payment.

How does chipper cash work?

Chipper cash primary purpose is to transfer and receive money nationally and internationally with no fee. Once you register you will be given a WEMA bank account.

To deposit money into your chipper cash account find and click cash in on your dash board, you can make deposit t from your mobile bank or normal transfer. To make payment or transfer money find and click cash out.

How to open chipper cash account

To open chipper cash account is free, head over to play store for android user and app store for IOS user once you open the app click on open free account it will bring out a form to fill.

Enter your details according to what is in your identification document such as national ID card or Voters card.

After this you will be prompt to choose chipper tag, a unique name which is part of the detail people will fill when they want to send money to you, more like an account number.

The next step is to set up a password of four digit, make sure it is something you can remember because this is what you will use to login into the app.

Your account will be in the currency of your residing country.

Chipper cash verification

Before you can send and receive money you need to do verification, this help to prevent scammer on the app.

To verify go to your profile and click on chipper cash account number it will show you where you will insert your BVN, National ID card and you will be ask to do face recognition on the app.

How to invest or buy share on chipper cash
As stated above chipper cash give you option to invest your money in shares, to do that find and click on invest tab on your dashboard, It will bring out deferent share of company you can invest in and you can invest with little as $1

If you are using old fashion you might not see the invest tab quickly go to play store or app store to upgrade.

Requesting for virtual dollar card

As at the time of writing this article virtual dollar card is only available to Nigerian, they promise to roll out the option for other African user. Virtual dollar card is free you don’t need to pay a fee, to request for it, locate and click on virtual dollar card in your dashboard.

Countries chipper cash operate in

Currently below are the country chipper cash operate in and they promise to move to other African country with light speed.

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Uganda
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • United States of America (USA)

How to send money to some one that does not have chipper cash account

You can send money to someone who has not download the app through their phone number.

The person will get a message in their inbox about the transfer with detail of how to set up their own chipper cash account.

Yes they have to download the app before they can see the money.

I mistakenly transfer to wrong person how I get my money back?

Mistake has no master. On chipper cash there are two mistake people usually make concerning transfer and they are

Transferring to wrong person not on chipper cash

As stated above you can transfer to people not on chipper cash but what to do when you make transfer to wrong person, don’t fret there is a solution, simply go to feed card, the payment will be on processing just cancel it.

Transferring to wrong person with chipper cash account

If you mistakenly transfer to someone who is on chipper cash, simply send the person charge back request once the person receive it your wallet will be credited but if the person is proven tough contact chipper cash customer care which will be provided at the end of this article.

How to check your account balance on chipper cash

To check your account balances go to your profile and under the profile you will see it there.

How to withdraw from chipper cash

To make withdraw locate cash out on your dashboard click it, it will bring out a form where you will input your account number or mobile money that you have already link to. It will take between 1 hour and 2 working days before you will receive alert.

How to connect mobile money with your chipper cash account

On chipper cash you can transfer money to your mobile bank app and vice versa but you need to link it, to do that go to your profile and click on link account. Chipper cash can be link to many mobile money app such as Mpesa and Opay.

Is there a limit on chipper cash?

There is no limit and there is limit
You can make as many transactions as you want, there is no limit to that, but the amount you can receive at once and send out there is a limit on that according to country of your residence.

How to make money on Chipper cash

The only way to make money on chipper cash is through investment and referral, since we have talk about investment the nest is referral

Below is how to make money on chipper cash with referrer

There is a condition and the condition is that the person you refer must register with their phone number and not email also they should deposit and at least make transaction of #250 (Nigeria), R16(South Africa), Ghs 5 (Ghana), to other chipper cash user.

Locate and click on “earn” tab on your dashboard

Click on “share link-earn money”

Select the contact and channel you want to share the link to

Once the person download the app, logging, deposit and make transfer with your referral link both of you will be credited with #250 naira. Imagine if you can invite 500 people how much will that be? You can do the math.

Chipper cash login

After the registration and you want to login back, click on the app, and type in your four digits you fill during registration.


By now you should have drawn conclusion. To chip in into your thought, chipper cash is legit currently and their transfer is free as at the time of writing this article but as we use to advice people on any of our review; tread carefully because a company is registered does not mean it can’t go down especially in Nigeria, remember what happen to our crypto app such as Patricia and investing app such as Bamboo.

Fintech in fact startup is still a new arena in Africa and they are moving fast such that government does not know what to do with them yet.

Once everything settles you might find out that some of them will be hit with regulatory hammer.

Invest and save what you can lose that our 2 cent.

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