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Kiakia loan USSD code: how to get a loan from kiakia

Kiakia is a subsidiary of starling bank or we could say it is their loan machine, it is one of the app that give out quick loan in Nigeria, you don’t need to gather collateral or sign deferent forms before you apply for this loan, with just a tap on your phone your loan will be disburse.

They have one of the best interest rate and the payback period depend on the amount of loan you obtain, they have two categories of loan one for personal loan and other for business loan.


Kiakia loan requirements

Before you can obtain a loan from kiakia there are some requirement you need to meet which are

You need to provide valid means of identification


You need to have a bank account and BVN

You must reside in Nigeria an be above 21 years of age

You should have a working email address

How to apply for kiakia loan


Now that you know about kiakia loan the next thing is to apply for the loan, the step to folow are

Head over to the website, register and login

While in the website, locate and click on get a loan options,

You will be prompt to upload your means of identification and other important document

The next thing is to enter the amount you want to loan.

Accept their term and condition by ticking a box

If your application is successful you will be credited in less down 15 minutes

Kiakia loan interest rate

The interest rate of kiakia is 5.6% to 24% depending on the amount of loan request for, the pay back period for personal loan is short just 7days to 30 days but for business it is more than that.

Before you accept a loan you will see the amount of interest playable on the loan and the payback period.

Kiakia loan repayment

To repay your kiakia loan login back to kiakia website

On your dashboard locate and click on ‘repay loan’

There you will see deferent option you can take to payback your loan

How Much can I get from kiakia loan

For a personal loan you can access up to #200,000 but as a first timer you will not be able to get up to this but as you continue to take loan and payback regularly the amount of loan you can take will increase.

For business loan it is way more than this, you can get up to 1m naira loan with them.

Kiakia loan app

Kiakia loan as no mobile app, what they have is website, if you want to get a loan from them, you have to login to the website. They do this so that every body can access their loan including those that are not using android or iOS phone.

Kiakia loan contracts

Kiakia loan phone number
08093078377, 0905511140 or 08092245588.

Kiakia Lagos address
Dele Onabule Street, Magodo Brooks Estate, Lagos

Kiakia Abuja address
Suite S3, Path field mall, 4th Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja

Why kiakia loan

Perhaps you are still unable to reach a decision; read the point below to know benefit of kiakia loan

Kiakia loan is a subsidiary of starling bank, which means they will not call you out on social media or send provocative message to your friends if you default

They are quick in disbursing loan, once your application is successful you will receive alert

You don’t need to visit any bank you can get the loan and payback from the comfort of your house

The loan comes with good interest rate.

Bad side of kiakia loan

The loan amount for he first timer which is #10,000 is too small

You will be charge for loan processing though it is not much

They have no mobile app which means you have to go through a browser which can be slow sometimes

Kiakia loan USSD code

Currently kiakia has no ussd code nor mobile app but once they give it out trust us we will update this page

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