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Xtracash loan (Quickteller and MTN loan): how to apply and repay

Xtracash loan is one of the loan company that give loan without collateral or documentation in Nigeria within minutes of applying your account will be credited although you need to meet their requirement which will be listed before the end of this article

Xtracash loan does not give loan to people directly they partner with bank and telecommunication companies like MTN and Quickteller, therefore if you are using MTN and have yellow account or using Quickletller another loan company own by interswitch you can access their loan.


Their pay back is in months and they have good interest rate.

This article will be on how to get xtracash loan through mtn and through quicker. We will deal with mtn first


Requirement to qualify for MTN Xtracash loan

You must be above 18 years of age

You must have a Diamond yellow account,

you can dial *710# on your phone to have one.

Have no debt with Xtracash


Must not have defaulted on any loan before

Unpaid loan will be extended to next month accruing more interest

How much you can loan with mtn Xtracash

The amounts you can loan depend on the monthly transaction volume of your yellow account. Once you register the amount you can borrow will be stated. The more you borrow and pay back on time the more the amount to borrow will increase.

Mtn Xtracash interest rate

The interest rate is 5% a little too high considering the payback time is just 30 days, well it will cover an emergency situation that involve cash.

How to apply for mtn xtracash loan

Once you registered for diamond yellow account dial *606# on your phone and select Xtracash option or simply disk *606*4# it will take you directly to xtracash loan.

How to repay your mtn xtracash loan

Repayment is automatic once the duration of the elapse the loan plus interest will be automatically deducted from your account and if you want to pay before the due date just select repayment option on the xtracash menu (on your phone)

How to check your loan balance

Dial *606# on your phone and select Xtracash balance option, an sms containing the amount you owe will be sent to you.

How to open diamond yellow account on mtn
One of the requirement of getting xtracash loan is to have a yellow account you can register on your phone with a ussd code *710#.

How to get xtracash through Quickteller

To get Xtracash loan through Quickteller you need to create a Quickteller account, to do that head over to Quickteller website or download their app, fill in your details such as phone number, name, password and other details

Once you register you need to add your credit card, before you can apply for loan you can do this by clicking on payment method on Quickteller website, click on card and fill in your card details.

Request for xtracash loan

Locate and click on request for loan in your dashboard, it will bring out deferent loan click on Quickteller, select the amount you want to loan and ad your bank account number.

If you do everything right your account will be credited in less down five minutes

Repaying xtracash loan in Quickteller

There are many way to pay back your xtracash loan, you can repay on Quickteller or use ussd code

To repay on Quickteller find and click on loan on your dashboard it will show you, the amount you owe, below it you will see a repayment option click it, and input your credit card details.

To repay with USD code simply dial *322*6#


Above is how to get xtracash loan through MTN and Quickteller I will advise you to loan what you have capacity to pay back, remembered MTN xtracash loan is link to your yellow account, if you default it will be automatically deducted from your account.

Xtracash Quickteller is also link with your credit card they can take their loan anytime.

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