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Is kuda bank legit or real, Kuda bank contacts and others

Kuda bank started in 2016 as a mobile app that facilitate money transfer, payments of bill and others but as they move on they observed that the real problem of Nigerian is banking.

Traditional bank keep on frustrating Nigerian; to make a transaction, you will have to queue for hours, while launching complain is like speaking to deaf ear.

In 2017 they pilot to online banking and became a full fledge banking, they later change their name to kuda due to over use of the name by other mobile app. Since then they keep waxing stronger and recently they announced that they have more than 2 million Nigerian on their platform.

So are they legit, is kuda bank real? This questions and others will be address in this article but before then let get to know kuda bank proper

Shall we?

Feature of kuda bank that make it the best

Online bank only
Kuda bank is an only online bank, they only have one physical location in Lagos which is the headquarter, this mean that everything will be done at the comfort of your home, you don’t need to travel or treck miles before you make a transaction or launch a complain.

There is a contact option on the app where you can launch your complain and beside that they are active on Twitter you can make your complain known there, if it suit you.

Less bank charges
This is the most interesting thing about kuda bank, you can now bid bye bye to endless charges that is prevalent of physical bank. SMS charges, card maintainance fee and others are not on kuda in fact you are allow to make free 25 transactions per month, isn’t that great.

Free ATM card
With kuda bank you will get your ATM card deliver to you for free, unlike traditional bank where you will need to pay at least #1,500 before you can collect your card. Before I forget you can also obtain a virtual card which you can use to purchase goods online.

It is a known fact that kuda bank takes security serious, in fact they don’t allow screen short of the apps function, this is to further secure their customers money. You have nothing to be afraid about security.

There is a loan option on the platform, you can take loan and pay back later. For the first 24hrs of the loan, no interest will accrue, if you repay the loan before 24hrs you will pay no interest.

Easy to use
Kuda bank app is easy to use even kids can operate it. For first timers kuda app has a feature that will guide them and there is a guide document which you can download online.

Cons of kuda bank

There is no company with advantages without disadvantages, below are the disadvantages of kuda bank

Customer care
Haa, kuda bank have poor customer support sometime you have to go to their twitter account to launch complain. On the point of customer support they score 3/10.

Network problem
There have been countless complain of people on the internet about wrong debit; during the process of adding money to their kuda account with ATM card it will read transaction error on kuda app but the money will be debited from the person’s account.

No domicialliary account yet
Unlike their neo bank counterpart called Alat, kuda bank does not have domiciliary account yet which means you can’t use Kuda to accept dollar.

Is kuda bank legit, safe or real
Kuda bank is legit and real, they are regulated by CBN and insured by NDIC. If any thing goes wrong you can report them to CBN.

The only problem with kuda right now is that if your source of money is not clean, they might extradite you to EFFC which I think is not a problem.

Now that you know all important information about kuda, it is time to open a kuda bank account

Requirement to open a kuda bank account

  • You must be above 16 years of age
  • You should recide in Nigeria.
  • You should have the following
  • Email address
  • Nigerian phone number
  • BVN (Bank Verification Number)
  • Smartphone

Create a kuda bank account

Once you meet up with the requirement the next thing is to download the app form play store or app store and register with your details

And that is it, you will be given account immediately

To increase your tier you will have to upload a government issued I.D card.

Kuda bank ATM card and how to get it

ATM card on kuda is free, you can request for one once you have up to #1000 in your account, it will be deliver to your location about a month after you request.

Upon delivery you need to activate the card on the app and that is it, you can now start using the card for transaction.

Kuda bank contacts

Below are the kuda bank contacts

Kuda bank phone number
01 633 5832

Kuda bank email address
[email protected].

Kuda bank office address
151 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Yaba, Lagos

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