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Does PayPal work or available in Nigeria (receive money with Paypal)

PayPal is an online payment website that help people to send and receive money online. As a result of fraudulent activities of African, PayPal was not made available to Africa including Nigeria until 2014 even at that you can only use it to send money and not receive money.

PayPal works in Nigeria and it is available, but you can only use it to send out money except you apply for PayPal business account.


How to do I do that?

This question and many other you might have about Paypal will be answer fully in this article, stay tune.


Types of PayPal account and their requirements

There are two types of PayPal account available to Nigeria, they are

Paypal Personal account

PayPal personal account is limited in function, you can only use it to make payment or send money online. This is perfect for online shoppers who want to pay for goods and services.

Requirements to open PayPal personal account in Nigeria

You don’t need much to open personal account in Nigeria just the following


You will need your name and valid email address

You will link your ATM card with the website

You need valid email address

Paypal business account

PayPal business account is a full fledge account that you can use to receive payment online. If you run ecommerce business or any business that require online payment this is the go to account.

The only problem with this account type is that it requirements is much, you have to upload a government issued ID card. Below are the requirements

Requirements to open PayPal business account in Nigeria

Your name as it appears in a your ID card

Your business name and information about your business

A government issued ID card

Valid email address and phone number

All of this information should be correct, if not your account will not be approve.

Now that you know the account types and the requirements to open them, it is time to know how to open PayPal account in Nigeria if you have not done so

How to open PayPal account in Nigeria

Account types

The first step is to decide on the type of account you want to open. You can receive money with business account but it is stressful to create while personal account is easy you will not be able to receive money with it.

Head over to Paypal website

Once you make your decision, head over to Paypal website to create your account. For business account click here, for personal account click here.

Confirmed your email address

You will be ask to submit your email address, upon submission you will be asked to confirm it.

Form filling
You will be ask to fill a form regardless of the account type you chose, fill it with correct detailed and move on

Manage your account
If everything is right you will be log in automatically, you can then continue to manage your account; add ATM card and customise some functions.

How to receive money with PayPal in Nigeria

As stated above you need to have a Paypal business account once you do, you can receive money with the following method

Set up a Paypal payment on your website

If you are using WordPress you can download PayPal plugin and set it up, if not you will need to hire a programmer to help you set it up.

Send invoice

You can also send invoice to your customer if you don’t have a website. You will find invoice section on your dashboard click it and fill in the details of the recipient.

PayPal email
If the sender is on PayPal you can ask the person to send money to your Paypal email.

How to send money with PayPal in Nigeria

You can send money with both personal account and business account

Login in to your dashboard

While on it, locate and click on send payments

You will be ask to fill in the details of the recipient

Enter the amount you want to send

After that click on send

You can also make payment via the following

Pre approved payment
If you have a recurring payment setup you don’t need to worry, the payment will be automatically deducted. Recurring payment like Facebook ads, google ads, and other subscriptions.

Ask the person to send you invoice. The invoice will appear in your dashboard once send, you just need to click and authorise it.

How to withdraw money on PayPal in Nigeria

This is applicable to holder of PayPal business account, to withdraw your money to Nigeria bank account, follow the below procedure

Login to your dashboard

Locate and click on withdrawal

Enter the amount you want to withdraw

Chose a withdraw method (to your bank account or to your ATM cards)

Click on send

You will be credited in 3 to 5 business days

How long does it take to transfer money on PayPal

It takes about 3 to 5 business day before your money will be deliver but if you use instant transfer it will take only 30 minutes but the charges will be much. If it is Paypal to Paypal it will take short time to deliver.

The same thing applies to receiving money

Transaction limit on PayPal

Like many other online payment platform there is limit to what you can send and receive on Paypal.

If it is a personal account you won’t be able to transact more than$4,000 per day, but if it is business account you will be able to transact up to $60,000.

PayPal customer care

009 1 402-517-4519


Because of the stress involve in setting up Paypal business account, many result to fraudulent way to receive money;/they will register as Lesotho citizen.

I will advice you not to do this, it is against Paypal terms and condition, Paypal might with hold your money if you try it.

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