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How to transfer money from kuda bank to other bank

It is no longer news that kuda bank is here to make banking easy and free. One of the advantages of kuda bank has over other banks is that you can make up to 25 free transactions per month and the subsequent transaction charges is #10, less than what traditional bank are collecting.

Another interesting thing about making transfer on kuda is that it is very fast, with just a click your transaction will be successful but how do you make this transaction? I’m sure that is the reason you are here, this question and many other will be answered in this article, so stay tune


How to transfer from kuda bank to other bank.

If you don’t have a kuda account the first thing is to head over to play store or app store and download the app. Register with your details such as name, email, BVN and others. In the referral code box input: U0URUGGP

Login to your dashboard while in it locate payment and click on it

It will bring out different options, choose “send money”


It will bring out a page where you will choose the recipient bank.

Another page will crop up, on this page you will enter the amount you want to transfer

Enter the account number of the recipient

Check the bottom of the page, the name of the recipient should appear, if it does that means the details is correct, if not he account number is not correct.

Ensure you check well before you make any transaction

Once you’re sure click “Next”

A page will crop up where you will input your 4 digit pin

And that’s it, you have make your transaction.

What is my four digit pin

When you want to open your account you will be ask to create a four digit transaction pin, this is the pin you will be use to make transaction. It is deferent from password. Password is 6 in number why transaction pin is just 4.

Transaction error on kuda bank

Sometime when making transaction you will see transaction error it is usually due to network, you can change your location or turn on 4g.

I send money to my kuda account but It is not reflecting while i was debited straight away
It happens sometimes; you will send money to kuda account but it won’t reflect, the simple solution is to leave it for at least 24hrs your kuda account will be credited.

Kuda ATM card

Kuda bank give out free ATM card to their customer, once you have up to #1,000 in your account you can request for ATM card, the card will be ship to you about 1 month after requesting.

You can also request for virtual card which you can use to purchase goods and services online.

USSD code to check kuda account balance

To check your kuda balance with ussd code, Dial *894# on the SIM connected to your kuda account and follow the prompt.

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