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Opay pos machine price, how to apply, customer care, office address and others

Before it is a tedious task to withdraw money in Nigeria, you have to go to bank, queue up and hope when it get to you turn the ATM machine will not fumble. Well this days are now by gone, that to introduction of pos michune like opay.

I’m sure you know that Opay pos machine exist you, just want to know some information about it, all right let get into business

Who own Opay pos

Opay pos is a feature of opay app, a mobile app that help people to send and receive money, apart from this you can also make payment, by credit, take loan, invest your money and take loan and others on the app.

Opay is own by Chinese firm, the same company that own Opramini. So far they have not disappoint Nigeria like other mobile app and i’m sure they won’t in the coming years.

How to become Opay POS agent

Before you can became opay pos agent there are some requirement you need to meet and some document you need to provide. Don’t fret you don’t need to go to their office to provide the document, all of it will be upload on Opay app.

Below are the requirements

You need to have Opay account, you can download the Opay app from play store or app store for iPhone user.

Have bank account and BVN

Have good tansaction volume on the opay app, which means you must have been using opay app frequently

You must upgrade your account KYC level to 3 and in doing so you will upload your ID card and other importanttant document.

Have good credit score, you should not be a loan defaulter

Now that you know all this it is time to request for Opay pos machine

How to request for opay pos machine

Push your kyc level to 3

Before opay will give you access to POS function you need to be a level 3 customer which is know as merchant and how do you do that?

Login to your opay dashboard

At the bottom of the dashboard locate and click on “me”

There you will see a profile icon, click it

It will take you to where you can upgrade your account

Click upgrade

You will be ask to upload one of this document (National I.D card, international paaport, voters card)

You will be ask to input your bvn

You will upload your picture

You will upload recent utility bill e.g NEPA bill

After that click on submit

After 24hrs Opay will accept your account upgrade if your documents are valid, if not it will be decline.

An SMS will be sent to you immediately they approve your account upgrade.

Switch your profile to merchant on Opay app

To get pos feature, you need to upgrade your account to merchant and this is how to do it
Locate and click on “me” at the bottom of the app

Click the profile icon

Locate and click on upgrade to merchant

Three you will be ask to provide your business and other important information

Click submit

It will go under review and when they accept your upgrade you will be send an SMS

Applying for OPay POS machine

Now that you have upgrade your account the next thing is to apply for pos machine

Login to your Opay dashboard

Locate and click on “Merchant apply”

You will be ask to provide the following

Your Transaction history for the past three months

Valid means of identification e.g Voters card,

National ID card and others

Upload picture of your business

After that click submit

Opay staff will review it and send you SMS once it is accepted

Types of Opay POS machine

There are three types of Opay machine, the deference is on function and price

OPay Smart (Android) POS

This POs is expensive, but efficient, so far there have been no report of glitch or error on this POS machine. One of the benefit of this POS type is that, receipt will be print directly from this POS

OPay Traditional POS

On this POS you can also print receipt, but it is not as effective Opay smart POS

OPay Mini POS
This is the least expensive, but it is not efficient, you can not print your receipt from this POS machine, you have to connect it to printer.

I will advice you to go for Opay traditional pos, it is affordable, and efficient

Opay pos machine price or cost

OPay Smart (Android) POS price/ cost ₦60,000

OPay Traditional POS price/ cost ₦45,000

OPay Mini POS price/ cost ₦10,000

After paying for the POS machine it will be waybill to you in the next 72hrs, depending on your location

How to activate and operate Opay pos machine

After gotten your POS machine, you need to activate it before you can start using it
The first step is to insert a sim card into the pos, make sure the sim card has data subscription.

On the machine and make a withdrawal with an ATM card

On the machine screen it will read successful or error

If it read successful, login to your opay dashboard and see if your are credited, if yes good luck

Question and Answer

How to reset my Opay payment pin

If you forget your payment pin Opay give you a chance of resetting it, follow the below procedure to do that

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Locate and click on setting
  • Click on security setting
  • Click on payment pin
  • Click on forget payment pin
  • A clarification code will be sent to your phone, copy and paste
  • Set a new password and confirm it.

How do I download satement of account on Opay

To download your statement of account on Opay, follow the below procedure

Login to your dashboard

Locate “me” at the bottom of the app and click on it

Click on transaction details

Select download

And set the date

Click “next”

Then enter your payment pin

Your statement of account will be download instantly

How do I reset my Opay password

On the login page

Click on forget password

An OTP code will be sent to your phone

Input your new password and confirm it

Opay POS charges

Below are what Opay charges per transaction

For withdrawal

Below #20,000 opay charges 0.5%

Above #20,000 opay charges #100
For deposit

Below #5000 opay charges #10

For deposit betwwn #5,000 to #10,000 opay charges #20

For transfer

Opay charges #30 on transfer above #10,000 and less if the money is not up to that.

Opay comminssion for Data

Below are what you will earn if you carry out data top up

MTN = 3% commission

Glo = 4% commission

9Mobile = 4.5% commission

Airtel = 4% commission

Opay TV subscription

Many people don’t know that they can also include TV subscriptions to their pos business, it is even more lucrative. Below are the commission you will earn per subscription.

DStv = 2% commission

GOtv = 2% commission

PHCN = 2% commission

StarTimes = 2% commission

Opay contacts

In case of any problem below are the contacts of Opay customer care that you can contact laugh your complain

Opay customer care phone number
+234 (01) 8888329.

Opay customer care email address
[email protected]

Opay office address in Nigeria

Opay office in Lagos
Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Opay office address in kano
No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano

Opay office in Delta State, Warri
Warri Sapele Road after Enerhen Junction before Wema Bank

Opay Office in Benin, Edo State
Benin Sapele Road in Benin City, before the Nigerian Prison Service

Opay Office Imo State
Madonna Road, before little rock school, Owerri
155 Iwuanyanwu street, workslayout

Opay Office in Akwa Ibom

133 Atiku Abubakar Ave, Uyo Before Jamb OffiKano

Opay Office in Port Harcourt
36D Bimko Crescent, Rumueme 500272, Port Harcourt
Phone number: 08068598975

Opay Office in Nigeria for Kaduna


Opay Office in Illorin

No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano

Opay social media account

Twitter Account

Instagram Account


Facebook Account https://www.facebook.com/opay.ng/



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