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5 ways to request/check your GTbank statement of account

Statement of account has now become an important document, if you want to collect a loan or apply for visa you might be ask to submit it.

While some banks send statement of account periodically to their customer while some do not, this is why you need to knowing how to check or request for it.


In this article we will be focusing on on how you can request and retrieve gtbank statement of account and other important information u need to know.

Ways to request/ check your gtbank statement of account

There are many way you can take to check your statement of account, this ways are

  • Through ussd code
  • Through mobile app
  • Through email
  • Through customer support
  • Through Internet banking

The above ways is explain below


How to check gtbank statement through ussd code

Using USSD code to check your statement of account is one of the easiest way, you don’t need to leave your comfort zone or visit any bank just dial a code on your phone and follow the prompt.

The ussd code you can use to check your gtbak account statement is *737*51*33#. Once you dial this you will be prompt to enter your email address and your USSD transaction pin.

How to check your gtbank statement of account through mobile app

This is another easy way to check your statement of account, but before you can use this method you need to download the gtbank mobile app on play store or app store, register and login.

Once you login to the app locate and clink on ‘My services’

Click on “statement request”

You will be prompt to input the details of your account and the period you want to check

Then click on submit

Your bank statement will be send to your email

How to check your gtbank statement of account through email

Another method you can take to check your gtbank statement of account is to send an email to gtbank. Where to send email to is [email protected] and inside the mail specify the period in which you want to see your account statement.

Through customer support

To check your statement of account you can also put a call through to gtbank on the following phone number


Through internet banking

This look like mobile banking, if you have gtbank mobile app you don’t need to go for this just use mobile app. Head over to gtbank website and login with your details if you don’t have a login details click register button and fill in your details.

Once you login locate ” Account statement ” and click on it

You will see two drop down the first one specify the type of account, the second drop down will specify he period

After making specification click on go
It will prompt you to choose a format you want your statement to be

After making your choice click on export format

Sending your gtbank statement of account to other banks

Most time the reason you want to check your statement of account is to be able to send it to people or other banks, instead of going through tideous process gtbank has make it easy for you to send your statement of account which are

Via gtbank mobile banking

Login to the mobile app with your I’d

Tap the menu at the left and click on Banking

On the options click on “request”

Click on ‘send statement to other party”

Click ” new request”

Select destination

Select statement and dates of the transaction period

Click on account to debit and account to generate statement

Click on continue button

You will be prompt to input your your authentication code

Via gtbank internet banking

Internet banking is the sane thing as mobile banking just that you need mobile app to access one while the other is a website that you can access anywhere with any phone.

Login to the gtbank website (www.gtbank.com, if you don’t have the login I’d, register and fill in your details)

On the menu select my “account”

Click on send statement to third party

Click on “new request button”

Choose a destination (this is the bank you want to send to)

Provide answer to your security question you set when registering

Input your authentication or token code

Then click on submit button

How much does it cost to request or check gtbank statement of account

You don’t need any money to request or check your gtbank statement of account it is free but if you go to bank they might ask you to pay printing fee of #50 per page.


Getting statement of account is now easy you don’t need to visit bank before you can send or request for it, if you want the physical document use the internet method and print the export in a cafe.

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