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Sunday jatto biography, age, real name, net worth and career

It rare seeing young Nigerian in movie and if they stared they will hardly be the talk of the town but Sunday jatto prove this to be untrue as he joined the young and famous club in Nigeria.

Won’t it be a good thing to know about this young talent; some one that many movie icon will love to work with, this is why we decided to look into the biography, age, real name, parents and every other details of Sunday jatto


Who is Sunday jatto

This was always the first question for who don’t know jatto or who has not watched him acting. Well Sunday jatto is an upcoming Nollywood star (Yoruba) who was named Abdul Raheem Wahab and his also called Sunday ewenje, smally.

The Sunday jatto name come from the movie he stared which is called Sunday jatto , while smally was because of his height and Sunday ewenje,  because of the movie he stared but he is popularly known as Sunday jatto.


What is Sunday jatto real name?

As stated above Sunday jatto real name is Abdul Raheem Wahab

Sunday jatto career

Sunday is young and has just begun his acting career but he has a great potential to become super star in the future. Those he has work with further proved the above statement to be true, the likes of

  • Afeez Owo
  • Mide Martins
  • Olaiya Igwe
  • Okele

And his recent acting in comedy skit with officer woos


Sunday Jatto movies

Right now Sunday Jatto has not produce any movie but he has stared in the following movie

  • Sunday Jatto
  • Sunday Ewenje
  • Saaheed Esu
  • Se bi o timo

Sunday Jatto Net Worth

This is currently unknown but he is rumored to worth above $100,000 and with his deferent role in movie I think the rumor might be true.

Sunday Jatto date of birth

Sunday Jatto was born on April 12th 2006


Sunday Jatto age

Abdul Raheem Wahab (Sunday Jatto) age is unknown there are many speculation both online and offline that his age is above 15 years and some say he is already in university. All the same Sunday should not be more than 15 years of age.

Lesson from Sunday Jatto biography

As norms in startuppreneur, we write down the lesson from any of our written biography because one of the purpose of biography is to learn from it. Since Sunday Jatto is young, the lesson will be short and will be update as he move on with is acting career. The lessons are

Train your child

I’m sure Sunday will have many option available to him as kid, I’m talking about option to play rather than doing movie believe me, acting can be tiring sometimes, but he chose movie. This determination can only be a training from his mother.

Find what you love

When you find what you love it will be like play, the reason Sunday does not have much complain about acting is because acting is like a play to him, he love it. Find what you love doing and every day will be like holiday.

You are not young

Many talented people have post pone their success with the excuse that they are young. Believe me you are not young when you start early you can afford to make mistakes.



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