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Tomi Davies biography: What you need to know about him

Davies, unlike rag to riches story we usually hear of some rich folk, was born with a silver spoon. He was born in 1955 on June 9. He obtain his primary certificate from Corona school in Lagos and his secondary school certificate at king’s College Lagos. He proceeded to university of Miami; a business school, to obtain a Degree in Businesses Management.


Tomi Davies has work in many places during the prime of his career. He work with system engineer and IBM immediately he left University of Miami.


He later came back to Nigeria to become the head of Data processing of Elf Aquitaine. In 1990 he went back to UK to become head of IT Research of Marks and Spencer.
Other places he has worked are:

  • Technovision
  • Supa strikers
  • Soroxil
  • Slimtrade


In 2014, Tomi Davies was given Icon of Hope and later that year he was awarded a distinguish SME partner by Fidelity bank.

Marital status

He is married to Lola Davies with three children.


Word of Encouragement

Tomi Davies has paid his price to be where he is today, everybody Entrepreneur will also do so, It will not be always rosy in your entrepreneur journey, in fact entrepreneur is characterized with high and low.

Sometimes you are happy your business is doing good, other times your mood swing because of some bad decision or unforseen circumstances.

Well, no body tell you it will be easy, Startup is hard, and as it grow, it will continue to be hard.

The higher your startup grow the harder its becomes for you to manage.

Nevertheless, if you fall once, rise up ten times. Remember what you are in it for, you can’t stop now, you need to put a dent in the world!!!.

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