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Polaris bank USSD Transfer code: Pay bill, buy airtime and others

One of the thing that make banking easy is USSD code, you don’t have to visit bank before you can make transaction or pay bill and as such banks keep trying to improve their USSD code function.

Polaris bank is not left out they have their own USSD code that their customers can use to make transaction

This article is all about Polaris bank transfer code: how to pay bill, buy airtime and others but before we go into it, I want you to know that Polaris bank is the same thing as Sky bank, it is a relic of Sky bank.

Activate Polaris Bank Transfer code

Before you can start making transaction with the code, you need to activate the USSD code on your phone.

Ensure the sim you want to use for activation is linked to your bank account.

Dial *833#

You will be prompt to enter your account number do so and proceed

The next step is to set up a four digit pin

After this your account number will be display

Congratulation you have activate your USSD code

Note: If you don’t have account before you can use the code to open account and collect ATM card from any Polaris bank in your location.

Why you need to use USSD code for transaction

You can check your account balance anytime

You can easily buy airtime for your self and friends directly from your bank

You can transfer to any body at anytime without visiting bank

It is available 24hrs

How to use Polaris Bank USSD code to pay bill

To pay your bill dial *833*2# on the sim connected to your account

How to check your account balance using Polaris bank USSD code

To check your account balance dial *833*6#

How to recharge with Polaris bank USSD code

You can recharge your network account or that your family with USSD code below

For yourself
Dial *833*amount* on your phone, for instance let say you want to load #1000 dial *833*1000# on your phone.

To friends and family

Dial *833*amount*phone no#. For instance let say you want to load #1,000 for your friends dial *833*1000*0818989098*

An SMS confirming the transaction will be sent to you as soon as you dial the code

How to get Polaris bank BVN number

To get your BVN in Polaris bank dial the USSD Code *565*0# on the sim link to your Polaris bank account.


Above are the USSD code you can use to make transaction in Polaris bank. It is easy, just follow the prompt once you dial the code and fill the right detail where needed.

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