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How to block zenith bank ATM card in less down 5 minutes

As technology continue to improve so do fraudster continue to wise up, ATM card that you can keep anywhere before has now turn to thing you need to hide well because if it get into the hand of scammers, they will find a way to get your card details through the CVV or it might be that you bought goods or service on a phishing website, they will continue to deduct your money even if you do not authorise any transaction.

Well there are measures you can take to prevent this; by blocking your zenith bank ATM card but how ?


That is the purpose of this article; you will learn about deferent method of how to block your zenith bank ATM card

Reason to block your Zenith ATM card

Apart from the reason written above there are many reason why you need to block your card that you might not know about, these reasons are


If the card get stuck in ATM (machine)

Some times you might mistakenly insert the wrong end of the card which can make it get stuck, if this problem occur n Saturday when bank is on holiday such as Sunday and you are traveling on that same day, you will need to block the card in case it get into wrong hand, yes some bank official are not to be trusted.

If you lost the card or it got stolen

This is primary purpose of blocking your card, once you notice that your card is missing you need to quickly block it to avoid story that touch.

Buying goods on a phishing website

Phishing website are sites created by fraudster in other to defraud people, it is a clone website for instance some fraudster can decide to create website that look like Jumia, you might not be able to deferentiate the site with the original and when you enter your ATM card details in this site your money is gone.

To avoid this, always check the domain extension of ecommerce website you are buying from such has .com, .ng, if it is deferent to the original run!!


If you later get to know after you have input your card details then quickly block it.

If you notice unauthorised transection

Some time bank official might sold out your card details to fraudster once you see any fraudulent transaction don’t waste time to block your card.

Deferent ways to block zenith bank ATM card

There are many ways to block zenith bank ATM Card and they are

  • Through USSD code
  • Through mobile app
  • By calling customer care

Below is the explanation

Blocking zenith bank ATM card through USSD code

Blocking through USSD code is the most easiest, you don’t need to visit any bank just dial the code *966*911# on your phone and your ATM card will be block. When you dial the code you will be ask to input some details such as bank account number and your ATM card pin.

Once you block your card with the code know that you can not perform any transaction with the card again.

Blocking zenith bank ATM card through mobile app

Another easy way to block your card is through mobile app if you don’t have it you can go to play store or app store to download it and register then login.

To block your card on it follow the below procedure

  • Locate menu icon on the app and click it
  • Click on card
  • Toggle the switch

Once you do this your card will be deactivated

Blocking your ATM card by calling customer care

Though this way is not fast but it is efficient, you can use it when other method fail. Below are the customer care line, address and social handler of zenith bank, call or chat them up to block your card


ATM Unit: 0700-CARD-ZENITH or 0700-286-

936484. (highly recommended as it affects the initial directly).

Card Unit: 0700-2273-936484 or Fax number: 234(1) 2618212.

Zenith Direct: 0700-ATM-ZENITH, 2927000, 2787000, or 234(1) 4647000.

Social media handle



Email address

[email protected]
Out of this address this method is to contact them on twitter it has been proven o be effectcare

Blocking zenith bank ATM card by visiting their bank branch

If zenith bank branch is closer to where you stay you should quickly go there and ask for card blocking though the process can be strenuous but you will surely achieve your aim.

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