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Kuda Bank USSD Transfer Code: How to use it


Before banking activities in Nigeria was an herculean task, if you want to do anything you will have to que and waist a lot of time but that is long gone thanks to Neo bank like kuda bank.


Nigerian can now bank at the comfort of their home without any hassle you don’t need to que before banking and you know what their custiremr care is top notch.

But there is one thing their transfer USSD code is not widely known some even think they do not have and this is what give birth to this article; to show you deferent Kuda bank code you can use to transfer money into and out of your kuda bank.

Why kuda bank

Perhaps you are thinking of why you need to stay with kuda bank you need to read below point


They charge less fee

It was recent they started charging transaction fee before it was free and even now their transaction is lesser compare to other banks

Quick response
If you have any problem or issue you don’t need to que, you can contact them through the app or on social media and you will get a solution.

Kuda bank is one the bank they give out over draft and you know what they do not harass their customer, in case of default you don’t need to be afraid of call out but ensure you pay your money back.

It is a digital bank
Kuda bank is a digital only bacnk which means all of their function is done online; requesting for card and other banking activities is done online from the comfort of you home.

Free ATM card
Here is another advantage unlike other bank you don’t need to pay for atm card what you need to do is request and your card will be ship to you, isn’t that good.

Now to the reason you click on this article; what are the kuda bank transfer USSD code.
You only need ussd code to transfer money to kuda, to transfer out of it, it will be done on the app

Transfer money form kuda to other bank
As stated above, transferring money form kuda bank to other bank is done on the app and it is simple, once you login to the app locate and click on transaction you will see all the app you can transfer to.

Transferring from other banks to kuda

This where the transfer code is necessary

Transferring money to kuda bank account with ussd code from GTbank

To transfer money from.your Gtbak to kuda

dial *737*50*amount*416# On your phone make sure it is on the sim link to your Gtbank account.

You will be prompt to enter your pin, do so and your transaction will be successful

Transferring from Zenith bank to kuda account

Dial *966*amount*Kuda account number# on the sim connected to your Zenith bank account
Folow the prompt

Transferring money from Wema bank to kuda account

To transfer money from Wema bank account is like the normal way dial *945# on your sim connected to the Wema bank

Follow the prompt, you will get to the place to choose bank enter 9 it will bring options chose kuda bank

Transferring from First  bank to kuda bank

To transfer from first bank is not hard dial *894* amount * kuda account number

Enter you pin and the transaction will be successful.

Easy way to add money to your kuda bank account

If it is just to Add money to your account you don’t need to go through the USSD code process

login in to your app

On the dashboard select add money

It will prompt you to select the preferred method

Select ussd code

Enter the amount you want to add

Click on the bank you want to add money from

It will automatically take you to already type USSD code, click on send

Add money to your kuda bank account via bank deposit

What many people used to berate kuda bank is that there is no way you can deposit cash well that is untrue you can actually deposit cash into your account, to do that follow the steps below

Login to your kuda bank

On the dashboard click add money, select cash deposits and choose your prefer method

It will bring out deferent banks select one you want to deposit with

The app will show you how to go about it.

Add money to your kuda bank though debit or credit card

Another way of adding money to your kuda account is through debit card, to do this

Login to your dashboard and add money

Chose debit card as your preferred choice, you will be prompt to add details of the card

After that click on send, the next thing is to enter the pin of the card

To verify that you are the owner of the card, OTP code will be sent to your sim card connected to the debit card.

You will be prompt to enter this code and once you do that your money will be added.
Note: Before kuda bank do not charge fee on card deposit but now they do, but it is very small.

For any deposit that is more than #100,000 you will need to pay for transaction fee which is #100 + 1.5% of the money for local transaction while for international transaction #100 + 4% of the money will charged.


Above is how to transfer money into and out of kuda bank with USSD code, and through their app

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