How to block First Bank ATM card with USSD code, mobile app and others

ATM card is one of the factors that make banking easy in Nigeria, with the development of POS you don’t have to que before you send money or withdraw money, you can also buy goods and services online from the comfort of your home but what to do when fraudster have decided to make it their way of making money


If someone is not careful and their ATM card get into the hand of fraudsters, they will hack it and use it to withdraw money. There are many cases of people who buy goods online but later find out that the ecommerce store continue to deduct their money.

In all of this what is the way out? the only way is to block your card as fast as possible which is the exact purpose of this article to show you ways you can block your first bank ATM card instantly.

Ways to block your first bank ATM card
There are many ways you can take to block your card and they are


  • Through USSD code
  • Through SMS
  • Through mobile app
  • By visiting your bank branch
  • By contacting your first bank customer care

All of this will be explain below

How to block your first bank ATM card with SMS

Blocking your card through sms is easy and simple you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home before your card will be block

Send “BLOCK” to 30012 using the sim connected to your bank account


You will get an sms alert confirming that you have block your card

Note that once you send this message you will not be able to make any transaction with your card again

Blocking first bank ATM card with mobile app

Blocking through mobile app is also simple you just need to make some step which are

Logging to your first bank mobile app

On your dashboard locate and click on option

Click on card services

Select your card type e.g Valve, Master card or Visa

Click on Hotlist card


And viola, your card will be block

Blocking first bank ATM card by calling customer care

Another way to block your card is to call first bank customer care the only issue with this method is that they it might take time before they answer you, but once they do your card will be block immediately

Below is their contact number

Phone no: +234 1 9052326 or +234 1 9052000

234 700 34778 2668228 or +234 708 062 5000

[email protected]
[email protected].

Social media

Blocking first bank ATM card by visiting first bank branch

If you are near first bank branch quickly vo to he bank and request for card blocking, this can be stressful, especially filling forms and it will also take time.

Block your first bank ATM card with USSD code

To block your first bank with used code dial *894*911# and follow the prompt. You should dial the code from the sim connected to your account

How do I unblock first bank ATM card

Once you block your card you won’t be able to use it to make transaction on ATM machine and pos in short it has been render useless, to unblock it go to first bank branch near you.


I will advice you to get a new ATM card instead of unblocking that one.


Above is how to block your first bank ATM card, try out the SMS and mobile app method but if there is no network you will need to go to bank but what if the first bank branch is far your best bet is to transfer the money to another account.

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