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Islamic charity organization in Nigeria

Charity organizations are the back bone of every society, they are the one that take care of those who government cannot or do not take care.

Without them, society will be bland and sour, they are the one that help the less privileged, they are the one that hear the plight of people with health problem.


The presence of Islamic charity organization in Nigeria is known but it is hard to pinpoint to one or two that is why we decided to combine the list of active charity organization in Nigeria and their contact details.

Your intent for clicking this article might be deferent to others but we assure you that we will cover deferent intent as much as possible.


List of Islamic charity organization in Nigeria

1) Islamic Ummah Relief (IUR)
IUR is a non-government organization that has their presence in America, Uganda, Ghana, Niger and Nigeria.

Their aim is to help the helpless; they provide support for widows and orphans and they do this according to the following agenda

  • Eradicating poverty
  • Providing Quality education
  • Provision of good health and care
  • Porovishion of clean water

Address: 1109 Wendover Avenue East, Suite C, Greensboro, NC 27405, USA.
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: +13365054721

2) Muslim Welfare Fund (MUWELF)
Muslim welfare fund is a charity organization establish in 1997 with the sole aim of helping people financially.


It all began when five Islamic organization notice that thee a lot of Muslim student both secondary and undergraduate who cannot pay their school fees and also there are people who have graduated but couldn’t secure a job and there is also some orphan and widow who could not afford daily meal this five organization set out to solve this problem by providing financial assistance.

Below are the five organizations that comes together to form Muslim welfare fund

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)

Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA)

The Companion

The Criterion

Muslim Teachers Association of Nigeria.


Address: Murhi Int’l Plaza, Plot 45 Ogunnusi Road, Omole-Ikeja, Lagos.

Phone no: 08027851166 | 08033249001

Email: [email protected]

3) Jaiz Foundation
Jaiz foundation was established by bank called Jaiz bank in 2012. They use unclaimed money or money seen as doubtful to take care of the less privilege; they also encourage people to pay their zakat and donations.

Their aim is to help the less privilege in our society and they do this according to the below module operandi

  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Provision of clean water
  • Provision of good health care
  • Agricultural intervention
  • Education intervention
  • Economic empowerment

Islamic Aid & Relief Foundation of Nigeria

Islamic Aid is an Islamic charity organisation that focus on building a motherless home, when they found out that most motherless home in Nigeria is not own by Muslim.

In addition to this they also want to tackle poverty and provide clean water and food to the needy.

Phone no: 07037937726

4) 1Ummah Charity
1Ummah Islamic Charity is a charity hand of 1Umaah; a non government organisation. Their aim and focus is simple to provide humanitarian aid and help to the needy.


Address: An-Nuur Masjid Ibrahim Babangida Way, Wuse II Abuja, Nigeria

Phone no: +234 813 488 0288

E-mail: [email protected]

5) Oasis Muslim care foundation
Oasis is another Islamic charity organization that seeks to provide for the sick, widows and orphan.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +2348065655794

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