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List of charity/NGO organizations in Nigeria

Charity organization or foundations are the pillar of every country society, they help to balance the inequality that ravages country, without them it will be difficult for the less privilege to enjoy certain benefit in life.

Charity is not only prevalent in Nigeria it is also in developed country of the world, though their impact is more needed in Africa especially Nigeria thanks to poor leadership skill.


Everybody knows that charity organization operate in Nigeria but where and how to reach them is the problem, and this form the purpose of this article; to show the list of charity organization in Nigeria according to the need they tend to. Which are

  • Education charity (charities that help with school fess in Nigeria)
  • Islamic charity Organization
  • Healthcare charity
  • International charity
  • And others

But before we go into it let us look at the meaning and activities of charity organization in Nigeria

What is charity organization?
Charity organization is a non-government organization that seeks to help the needy and the less privilege.


They can be public or private. Public charity organization seek fund from government and other well to do individual in the society why private charity organization is usually own by individual or group of wealthy individual, their aim is to better the life of the populace.

What are the activities of charity organizational Nigeria?
Below are what charity engage in Nigeria

  • Helping student with their school fees
  • Helping distresses or seek people
  • Religious impartation
  • Helping people know and exercise their right
  • Fighting women and children abuse
  • Engage in Social services
  • Creating infrastructure for community

Top charity organizations/foundations in Nigeria

Education charity organization

Below are charities that help with school fees in Nigeria

1) Christopher Kolade Foundation (CKF)
Like many other foundations CKF also focus on girls. Founded in 1997, they want to give girls adequate education that will make them achieve their dream. Their training is gear towards the following

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Technology.

2) Action Africa
It is an international charity organization that supports children with their education and also helps their parent set up business.

3) United For Education (UAE)
Gap between public school and private school in Africa especially in Nigeria is much, thanks to bad government policy, anyway this is what united for education set to solve; they want to solve the inequality and give less privilege student the chance of having quality education.

They do this by soliciting for fund from the corporate organization that are looking to create a positive change in the society.

4) The Britain Nigeria educational trust (BNET)
BNET is an international non-government organization whose focus is to help improve quality of education in Nigeria though their underline purpose is to cement the relationship between Britain and Nigeria.

Below is how the organization perform their duties

  • Training teachers
  • Fund educational project

5) AMA Foundations
AMA foundations set up to help children of less privilege individual or communities with educator, they also goes further to provide eye treatment and any other health issue.

They are one of the best foundation that is driving positive social change in Nigeria.

6) The Whitefield foundation
Whitefield foundation is a Lagos based charity organization. it was founded in 2003 to provide education, empowerment and entrepreneur training to student and young adults in Lagos. Below are the main points in their program

  • Training and development
  • Vision development
  • Talent management
  • Entrepreneur consulting
  • Engineering

7) The Nigeria higher education foundation (NHEF)
It is no longer news that Nigeria graduate are lagging behind, they cannot stand with their counterpart in other world thanks to strike and other problems.

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NHEF set out to solve this problem by liaising with Nigeria institutions. They provide resource, training and skill to Nigerian to students which will improve them educationally.

8) Grace Foundation for Education and Development
Grace foundation objective is to help young Nigerian by providing free education and skill. Below are the points they focus on

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Girls Education

Youth empowerment

9) Women technology empowerment ( is an education charity that focuses on tech, they want girls and women to have access to tech education like men do and this they have done excellently well as there are more than 30,000 lists of girls and women they have help to train.

One of the good things about is that they don’t leave their trainee to starting scouting for job after the completion of their training, they also provide job for them.

10)Youth empowerment and development initiative (YEDI)
YEDI focus on youth, since they are the future of any country. It was establish 10 years ago with the aim to teach and build youth in different discipline such as leadership, management, gender equality, health and personal hygiene.

11) New era educational and charitable support (NEEDCSI)
NEEDCSI have her headquarter in JOS and their purpose of existence is to help grown up that are victim of dysfunctional family. They help this people by training to have good communication and problem solving skill that will make them self-sufficient and have financially transformed lives.

12) Ovie brume foundation
Ovie brume was established in 2003 in Lagos. Their aim is to provide quality education to low income earner children and they do this by going to poor or underserved community; community that receive less attention from the government.

13) Keeping it real foundation (kIR)
KIR has it focus on vulnerable children, youth, and women in Nigeria by vulnerable I mean people that are disable in one way or the other.

They perform their duties by forming partners with schools, hospital, and orphanages. KIR does not go about solving all the needs of Nigerians, they have agendas by which they follow to discharge their duties and they are

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity
  • Sustainability

Health charity organisation

14) Breast cancer association if Nigeria (Brecan)
Brecan was founded by a Betty Anyawu Akerdedolu; a breast cancer survivor in 1997. She said she took the bold step to found the nonprofit organization when she noticed that government and people are not doing anything about the disease that is ravaging women.

Being a survivor she know the pain point of people with the disease which is lack of information, treatment cost and someone to talk to and this is what she set out to solve with Brecan.

15) Education as vaccine (EVA)
Eva deals with girls and women healthcare and protection. It was founded in 2000 to help create awareness about different disease that ravages women and also to pass information on how to cure and prevent such diseases.

16) St Cyril cancer treatment foundation
Still on cancer, st Cyril foundation focus on all the gender, they believe that both women and men in Nigeria surfers in the hand of cancer also they take cancer treatment and beyond treatment more serious. St Cyril foundation has pillar in which they follow to do their duties and they a are

  • Awareness
  • Screening
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Research
  • Life after cancer

17) She writes women
Mental health is one of the area that people don’t talk about in Nigeria, they see anybody that has it as evil, they will try as much as possible to avoid such person, thanks to Hauwa a mental health survivor who show the world that it is possible to become free from the shackle of mental illness and she also make it known that people going through such illness are still people and they need help more than ever before.

Did not stop there Hauwa founded She Writes Women by in 2016 to solve this problem by creating awareness, providing free health care and communicating with abandon mental illness patient regularly.

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18) Taste
Taste is a non-government organization that seeks to fight less common problem which is water.

Many Nigerian does not know the different health problem poor water can cause to them and no wonder they defecate in it. Taste creates awareness and solicits for fund to create clean water source such as boreholes in location that is deprive of them.

19) Hope spring
Hope spring conduct research and find out that halve of diseases in Nigeria is caused by poor water, disease such as diarrhea and other enteric disease.

They observed that to have heathy country; water that we use to bath, wash cloth and drink must not be taking with levity hands and they set out to solve this problem.

20) The Irede foundation
Irede foundation was founded in 2012 by couple who go through a difficult time; they couldn’t do anything their child get amputated it was a difficult time for them and when the turbulence was over they realized that there are many people who are currently going through this problem, so they set out to help the parents and the child with their Irede foundation.

21) Dental care foundation
Dental care foundation find out that those in the rural area have prevalent teeth problem and this is mostly due to irregular brushing pattern and some don’t even brush at all.

This make them set out to give free teeth diagnosis and treatment for people that need it and not only that they also provide the following

  • Provide brush and create Brushing program
  • Oral hygiene awareness
  • Examinations and checkup

22) Worldwide fistula fund

This charity organization set out to help vulnerable pregnant women, they do this by providing medical support and surgery if the need arise and not only that they create awareness that will let pregnant women know what they need to do to have a save delivery.

23) Aid for Africa
This charity organization focuses on Africa at large. They provide health care to poor people in rural areas and also set them up with business that will make them a self-sustaining individual.

24) Medical bridges
Medical bridges is an international charity organization, they help to offset medical bill and provide medical equipment. They have presence in over 80 countries of the world including Nigeria.

25) Geanco foundation
Geanco is a private foundation it was found over 17 years ago to help support vulnerable pregnant women. They do this by taking care of medical bill and also provide psychological support.

Community development foundation

26) Olive community development
OCDI focus on community development. They observed that any positive changes in a country start from community therefore they set out to provide the following to less privileged communities or community that receive less attention from the federal government

  • Quality education
  • Poverty eradication
  • Skill acquisition
  • Community health improvement

27) New Nigeria foundation (NNF)
NNF was founded in 2000 to also help less privilege communities. They focus mostly on social and economic programs that will bring community development.

28) Solar sister
This non-government organization focuses on building women in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania that love entrepreneurship.

They give training on entrepreneurship and also provide fund. Currently they have trained and set up more than 3000 women.

29) Books for Africa
This charity organization focus on books, they help to ship books and educational material to African countries. Currently they have shipped over 27 million books to Africa including Nigeria.

30) Tamar rescue foundation
This nonprofit foundation helps to fight sexual abuse. They do this by creating seminars and lectures in schools.

31) Land of hope
African especially Nigeria is reeks with superstitious belief; one of this belief is witchcraft. Most Nigerian belief children can become witch such that they hold down progress of their family which makes them abandon them or seek to kill them, thanks to Land of Hope who step in to say no to this.

There work is in two ways they help to crate awareness about this erroneous belief and also save the victim. Since it establishment in 2012 they have saved more than 200 children.

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32) The Cee yara foundation
Cee yara foundation says no to children sexual abuse; an issue which is prevalent in Nigeria.

They do this by making their phone number public such that victim or their relation can call to report. And if the issue led to legal they are ready to battle it out as they have stand by lawyers who are ready to argue it in court.

Islamic charity organization in Nigeria

Below are the Islamic charity organization in Nigeria and their address

33) Oasis Muslim care
Oasis Muslim is located in Ilorin kwara state and was established to help Muslim in need.

Email [email protected]

34) Amal mabruuk foundation
Loation: Lagos, Nigeria
Email [email protected]
Phone no 08081659674

35) Muslim welfare fund
As the name implies they seek to provide food and other daily need of Muslim in Nigeria

Location: Lagos Nigeria
Email muslimwefarfund
Phone 08033249001

36) Alfurqan charitable foundation
Location: kano state, Nigeria
Email [email protected]

37) Nasrullahi faith foundation
Location: Lagos state, Nigeria
Email [email protected]




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