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How to block uba ATM card quickly 

ATM card is one of the best solution initiate by banks, it has make transaction easy you don’t need to wait forever in bank before you can transfer money to your friends and family.

But in all of this, fraudsters has found their way to the syytem, if your ATM card get  lost you should kiss your money buy buy unless it is found by good Samaritan, the only solution is to block your AYM card as soon as possible.

Like other banks UBA  bank also have their own method of blocking card in case of theft or loss and  it is easy and straightforward just some steps to follow.

Why you need to block your ATM card

You might be wondering while do I need to block my card, since nonbody know my pin, well that’s is exactly how my brother thought until he start seeing debit alert on his phone till 500k vanishes.

If your ATM card is lost and found  by scammer they can use the cvv at the end of the card to buy things from ecommerce store and if it is sophistcated fraudster they will find a way to hack the card and use it to withdraw your money.

I’m sure you will not want to have experience of losing your hard earned money that is why you need to block your uba ATM card as soon as possible

Ways of blocking UBA ATM card

As one the best bank in Nigeria UBA take security of their customer’s money seriously this is why they have more than 3 methods you can use to block your UBA ATM card. This method or ways are

  • Throuh ussd code
  • Trough uba Internet banking
  • Contacting UBA customer care

Blocking uba ATM card through ussd code

This is one of the easiest and fastest way of blocking your ATM card you don’t need to go to bank or talk to any customer care, by just dialing a code on your phone your card will be render useless.

The only problem is that you need to have link the network/sim you want to use with your bank account, if not the USSD code will not work.

If you have link your sim with your bank account just dial the ussd code  *919*10# and follow the prompt.

Within minute your card wil be blocked

Through uba internet banking

This is another means of blocking your uba ATM card but you need to have register on UBA internet banking before you can use this method. Internet banking was launch by UBA  to enable their customer perform quick transaction,  withing the function of this internet bank you can also block your ATM card. Follow the below procedure to do so.

Head over to

login with your bank details

Locate “self service” option, it will bring out card click it and follow the prompt

Once you click on card block it won’t take more than a minute before the card will be blocked

Contact their custirmer care

Another method of blocking your UBA ATM card is to contact their customer care.I know what you are thinking; Bank customer care personnel are always slow to respond, the followjng lines are fast, you can try it out.

(+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA)

(+234) 7002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)

You can chat them up at


Question and answer

How long does it take to block UBA atm card?

It is instant, once you go thorough the steps above your card will block immediately

Will there be any charges

No there is no charges, blocking your ATM card is free



Above is how to block your UBA ATM card in case you loose it or got stolen. As stated in the article to block your ATM card  is easy and quick you don’t need to go to bank or meet any one just follow the steps above.

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