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Fast coin loan app review: what you need to know

Fast coin loan is a loan company that give out instant koan without collateral or paperwork. With fast coin loan you can secure up to #500,000 loan without guarantor or collateral.

What is fast coin loan app

Fast coin loan app is developed in Indian but later introduce to Nigeria. With the app you can have quick loan without visiting any location. If your application is successful your loan will be disbursed in minutes


Fast coin loan app requirements

Before you can take a loan from fast coin you must meet up with the following requirement which are

You must have a source of income


You must have bank account

You must never have defaulted on any loan before

You should be above 18 years of age

And lastly you should have smart phone.


How to apply for fast coin loan

To apply for fast coin loan the first thing is to download their app on play store and register with your details

Once you register you will be login automatically

On your dashboard locate and click on loan

There you will see amount of loan you can obtain.

Click the loan and it will be disburse within minutes of application

How much you can obtain from fast coin loan app

With fast coin you can obtain up to #500,000 loan without collateral or paper work but as a first timer you will not get up to this amount but as you take loan and payback regularly , the amount of loan you can obtain will increase.

Fast coin loan interest rate and repayment period

Fast coin interest rate is between 5% to %25% and the repayment period is between 1 month to 3 months depending on the amount of loan obtain.

Repaying your fast coin loan

You can repay your fast coin loan with ATM card or ask for their account number by contacting them.

Is fast coin loan app legit

If it is to give loan, fast coin will give you instant loan but if it is other way No, fast coin is not legit.

To buttress this, at the time of writing this article their app have been removed from play store and I know they will surely come back with another name.

In India where they come from, there are numerous complain about how they send defamatory messages to their customer relative and all sort of bad things. So be careful with this loan app.


There are some loan app you should not near even if they will give #1m for less interest rate among them is fast coin loan app.

If they clear their name and become born again, we will update this post and give you a verdict

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