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Zenith bank easy loan ussd code: Easy way to get loan from zenith bank

Zenith bank give deferent types of loan to their customer, such as salary advance loan, payday loan and easy loan which is the purpose of this article.

Zenith bank easy loan is one of the easy to get loan in Nigeria, you don’t need to go to bank branch before you can get this kind of loan, you don’t need collateral nor paper work with just a USSD code you will get the loan.


Zenith bank loan requirements

Before you can get a loan from zenith bank there are requirement you need to meet which are

Have account with zenith bank spanning 3 months


You must not have outstanding loan

Have a good credit score

You must not have default on a loan before

How much you can borrow form Zenith bank

The amounts you can borrow depend on the amount of money going in and out of your account per month. But it is in the range of #5,000 to #200,000.


Zenith bank easy loan code/ how to get the loan

To get zenith bank easy loan dial the code *966*11# and follow the prompt, make sure you dial it with the sim connected to your account. If you have not activate ussd code on your phone follow the below procedure.

Ensure the sim you want to activate is what you use to register

Dial the code *966*00# or *966#

Next is to fill in your four last digit on your ATM card

Immediately it will display your name and bank information

If the account information is yours proceed to set up a four digit pin
confirm the four digit pin

That’s it, you can now start using USSD code to make transaction

Another way to get easy loan is to head over to zenith bank website or download their app on play store. It is easy to navigate

How long does it take to get easy loan loan from zenith bank

Once you apply your loan will be disburse in less down five minutes, it does not take time.

How to repay zenith bank easy loan

To repay zenith bank easy loan, you don’t need to dial any code or go to bank, the loan will be automatically deducted from your account when the pay reach.

Zenith bank easy loan interest rate and payback period

Interest rate for zenith bank easy loan is between 3.5% to 5% depending on the amount of loan you want to obtain and your risk factor. The pay back period is a month.

Note: risk factor is the capacity to payback loan usually depends on the amount of money that comes in and go out of your account per month.

Other loan product form zenith bank

Zenith bank salary loan

This loan product is targeted at salary earner. The amount of loan to you can get from this loan product depend on the amount of salary you receive per month, for instance if you are getting #100,000 per month you are eligible to obtain #60,000 loan from the bank.

The major requirement is to have salary account with zenith bank

Zenith bank overdraft loan

This is another loan that allow people to spend more than they have in their account, the loan pay back is a month and the interest accrue every day.

For instance let say you take over draft of #2,000 the interest rate is 0.3 per day. Every day, 0.3% of 2000 will be added to #2000.

Zenith bank lease loan

This is targeted at people who want to buy asset, zenith bank will borrow you the money while you pay back instalment with interest.


Above is how to get loan from zenith bank, the procedure is easy to follow. As we use to advice our readers take loan that you know you can pay back.

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