Biography Investment and Networth of Jimoh Ibrahim - Startuppreneur

Biography Investment and Networth of Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim Background

Jimoh Ibrahim, a renowned lawyer, investor, business man and CEO of Global fleet Group was born in February 1967 in Okitipuoa Ondo state. Jimoh Ibrahim unlike many business man who has rich background as a support was born by a bricklayer and a fish seller, yet he didn’t let that weigh him down as he rose from poverty to riches.

Jimoh Ibrahim Education

As a native of Ondo state jimoh Ibrahim acquired his primary and secondary education at Saint John’s school, Igbotako in ondo state.


He moved to Obafemi Awolowo University to obtain degree in law and second degree in public administration. Been a lover of knowledge he did not stop there he obtain another second degree in law from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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Jimoh Ibrahim Early Career

Jimoh Ibrahim career started in his undergraduate days, while his mate were enjoining campus life, he was organising seminar that show local government how to make their own law in Nigeria.


He later expand his seminar to include government official who want to know the in and out of Nigeria law.

As a business man he did not limit himself to seminar and law activities, he observe and look for opportunities like business men do. One of the business opportunity he take charge of was the problem of tax withholding between Nigeria and Multinational companies.

He send proposals to federal government that he would solve the case and yes he did that which earn him reputation among his peers.

Business Career

Jimoh Ibrahim started a as a contractor, using skill he acquire from his bricklaying dad. He later move to other industry like Gas and oil, insurance, Banking, Real estate, Publishing and Media, e.t.c.

Some of the company he created and invested in are

Global Fleet Group

Global fleet group serve as management umbrella for all jimoh Ibrahim investment and company, though it started as gas and oil company, it quickly metamorphosis into conglomerate after its huge success in gas and oil sector.

Global fleet Group has now become international company having his tentacle in many countries including tier one country.

Air Nigeria

Location: Lagos Nigeria

NICON Insurance

Location: Nigeria

Energy Bank
Location: Accra, Ghana

Meidan Hotel
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Energy Bank Sao Tome & Principle
Location: Sao Tome & Principle

Newswatch Magazine
Location: Lagos Nigeria


Political Aspiration

Jimoh Ibrahim has been targeting ondo state government sit since 2003 when he contested under All Nigeria People Party (ANPP) and again in 2016 under People Democratic Party (PDP), but both was met with failure.

Net Worth of Jimoh Ibrahim

With a lot of investment at his hand, Jimoh Ibrahim was rumored to worth above $1 billion dollar, though the rumor could not be verify.

Jimoh Ibrahim as a Philanthropist

Jimoh Ibrahim is among the rich that help the poor in Nigeria, this may be due to his humble background. One of his philanthropist endeavour was schorlaship awarded to High institution students in Ondo, Ekiti and to secondary school student in Ilaje okiti pupa local government.


Jimoh Ibrahim his a father of four and Husband to Mrs Modupe Jimoh.

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